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An NFL Week 8 preview PLUS, would you trade Brock Purdy for Kirk Cousins?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz looks ahead to NFL Week 8 and asks: Would Kirk Cousins be a first-ballot Hall of Famer if he won two Super Bowls?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz is looking ahead to Week 8 of the NFL season and Chris Cote has BIG news. Dan will RETIRE if the Patriots beat the Dolphins in Miami! (Disclaimer: This was not run by Dan and is thus not legally binding).

A little more realistically, Billy asks if that spread looks a little off. The Dolphins are currently 9-point favorites (9.5 points at the time of recording) on DraftKings Sportsbook and Billy thinks that seems big. Stugotz disagrees, noting that the Dolphins are great at home. Chris is with Billy, however, noting that this is a lot of points for a division game. Billy also throws out there that the Patriots looked good last week in their win over the Bills, which Stugotz isn’t necessarily buying.

“They won a game last week,” Stugotz said. “You keep saying they looked good, but the body of work has been bad.”

Chris says nobody is looking at the Pats and thinking they have any kind of offense — if Mac Jones is fine their offense is OK. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. Plus, as Roy points out, the Dolphins scored 70 in a game earlier this season, although Billy is quick to point out that came against the lousy Broncos.

Billy says it shouldn’t be the biggest spread of the weekend, that seems weird to him. Especially since Chris has pointed out that Tyreek Hill might not be on the field, although it should be noted that he’s been wrong making injury predictions in the past. Billy says if Tyreek’s not playing he would jump on that number now, considering that as Chris points out the line will move if he gets ruled out. Tony doesn’t believe that the line will move that much, but Stugotz points out that we’re talking about the best player in the non-QB division in the NFL. Without Cheetah, Stugotz says the Fins don’t seem quite as high octane.

Moving on to Brock Purdy, who is in concussion protocol but there seems to be some signs of hope he could go, Chris points out that on The Right Time with Bomani Jones podcast, he and Nick Wright proposed a trade — Brock Purdy for Kirk Cousins. Who says no?

Stugotz says the Niners would do that and Billy adds that the Niners would be UNBEATABLE if they made that move. Chris points out that Bomani and Nick said the Niners would be the ones who WOULDN’T want to do that because of how much money Cousins makes. Stugotz isn’t sold on Purdy, however, meanwhile, and points out that Cousins is a first-ballot Hall of Famer according to Billy. Chris wonders though: If you threw Cousins on the 49ers is he a Super Bowl-winning QB?

The chorus of the rest of the crew was definitive — YES! Billy says emphatically. that if Cousins goes to the 49ers he WILL be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. Chris points out that we’ve seen Cousins on good teams in the past, but the others say those teams certainly weren’t as talented as these Niners. Billy does point out that it seems like Kyle Shanahan doesn’t want a QB who wants to be THE MAN. He wants a QB who will run his system and do what he’s told. So Cousins might not fit that system. But, Billy says, if Kirk Cousins wins two Super Bowls, he’s a first-ballot Hall of Famer, no question in his mind.

Meanwhile, things got a little wacky when it came time for the polls recap ...


Local Hour: What’s The Rush?

  • Stugotz and the Miami crew recap the Heat’s first game of the season after they escaped with a 1-point victory over Detroit. Then, Billy Donovan is on the hot seat after one game, Chris Cote believes there are players more important to the Dolphins than Tyreek Hill, and clips from Billy Gil’s FIU broadcast blow us away. Plus, Chris had a wild plan on how to handle taking care of his sick daughter, Billy launches a hashtag, Lucy tells us where she’s headed this weekend, and Tony breaks down Victor Wembanyama’s NBA debut.

The Big Suey: The Awkward Handshake

  • The Miami crew kicks off the Big Suey by updating the Polls from the week, listening to sound of Don La Greca ripping Mad Dog Russo, and dishing out this week’s picks for Thursday Thunder. Then, we head to Los Angeles with Dan, Mike Ryan, Mike Golic Jr., and Brad Williams. Brad and GoJo discuss the dynamics of their awkward handshake before Brad shares the revelation that he is *not* good at comedy. He and GoJo discuss what it’s like to watch the best-of-the-best in their professions and how it shapes their own self-perception. Plus, what would you do if you didn’t have internet to call an Uber and weren’t within walking distance of where you needed to be? It’s story time with Dan Le Batard.

Hour 1: The Evolution of the Take

  • Dan, Mike, GoJo, and Brad keep things rolling out in L.A. and kick off Hour 1 by getting into the Jim Harbaugh Michigan Cheating Scandal and what advantages can be found from this type of cheating in football. Then, the crew breaks down the evolution of “the take” in sports media before discussing Caleb Williams and Lincoln Riley’s futures at USC. Plus, David Samson and Adnan Virk join the show with horrible zoom backgrounds to give us their first thoughts on Killers of the Flower Moon and deliver their Top 5 John Lithgow Movies.

Hour 2: An Intimate and Vulnerable Hour

  • Dan and Mike begin this hour with a conversation surrounding grief and prioritizing family over work after Dan read the story of Marvin Jones Jr. stepping away from the NFL. Dan reveals some sobering details of what the Le Batard family has been going through over the last couple of years. He also explains WHY he and parts of the crew have spent these last two weeks in Los Angeles. Plus, Dan and Mike Ryan discuss a now-scrapped segment where Dan and Mike Schur bloviated about the excellent Philadelphia Phillies team and fan base.

Postgame Show: Impressing Your Partner’s Parents

  • Ed Kelce had some positive thoughts to share about Taylor Swift that spark a conversation between Stugotz and the Shipping Container on how to best impress your partner’s parents. Then, Lucy is headed to Jacksonville, and the Rice Owls eat some gummy worms.


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