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Have the Warriors entered the “One Last Ride” chapter of their story?

Mike Schur joins The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz to talk about Golden State and other fascinating stories in the NBA.

Mike Schur joined The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz crew in Los Angeles to talk about NBA teams and storylines that are fascinating for this season and Mike set his sights on the Warriors.

Part of the reason the Warriors are so fascinating is the addition of Chris Paul, which Mike said made watching the Warriors' offense in the preseason fun. Mike also quite enjoyed Paul flopping against the Kings and De’Aaron Fox imitating him before the two began jawing at each other.

Mike’s takeaway — Fox has that dog in him.

But more seriously, Mike says it’s starting to look like the beginning of the end for the Warriors dynasty. Mike says we’ve entered the homestretch for Golden State, they don’t have that many years left and they’ve added arguably the best point in NBA history. Amin says this is part of the season of “Will it work?” For the Warriors, will it work? Will they go small, Amin asks, and start Klay at the 3 to allow CP3 to start, or will they bring Paul off the bench in the more appropriate move? Amin points out that the Warriors lack traditional size, so would they exacerbate that by adding another small guard to their starting lineup? But at the same time, is CP3 willing to come off the bench? Amin points out that every time it’s been asked of him to do that he bristles. Amin says it’s simple math — the Warriors will either start 6-foot-8 Andrew Wiggins, who has been one of their better defenders, or it will be CP3, who is his size. Which would you choose?

Charlotte says she finds the Warriors absolutely fascinating. She says she thinks the end of a story is always magnetic in sports, no matter what. She says it’s fun to watch something come up on the rise, but she thinks the most fascinating thing is to watch a team, based on age and physics, is clearly not going to be getting better. Mike says it’s “one last ride,” and “one last ride” is always a great story. Not to mention, Charlotte points out, they’re injecting a player who may not necessarily fit with their offense but who is also so annoying and one who shares a previously expressed mutual dislike with Draymond Green. She says it’s like the most beautiful reality show — what’s going to happen next?

Amin points out that CP3 is traditionally the guy with the ball in his hands and acts as a facilitator, but the guy who usually does for the Warriors — Draymond — is currently hurt. But when Draymond comes back, can CP3 accept playing off the ball? But Amin’s favorite part of the whole Draymond-CP3 thing is that even when Draymond had the opportunity to offer up platitudes about respecting CP3, he instead took what could be construed as a little dig about having the chance to help CP3 win his first ring. As Charlotte points out, the rudest nice thing you could say.

Mike, meanwhile, wonders if there will be a moment this season where Dray and CP3 both want the ball and end up tying each other up. This stuff writes itself, or it could be written by one of the most celebrated sitcom writers of all-time. Only time will tell.

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