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Can the Tush Push be stopped and should Dolphins fans be worried?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the Brotherly Shove and other takeaways from Sunday’s marquee loss for the Dolphins in Philly.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz couldn’t help but talk about the Tush Push/Brotherly Shove in the aftermath of Sunday’s Dolphins loss to the Eagles.

Stugotz notes that the play is almost unstoppable, with Chris Cote noting that it’s like they aim for fourth-and-short. Why not just try and do that all the way up the field? Just troll America with an entire drive of Tush Pushes.

Billy wants to know: Why do people want the Tush Push banned? Nick Sirianni gave his defense of the play after Sunday night’s contest.

Tony says it’s because those who are looking to ban it are no good at it. Stugotz notes that it is legal within the rules, but it feels like cheating when you’re pushing the quarterback across the goalline. Tony points out that other teams can try it — if you stink at it, it’s just like if you stink at running or throwing the ball. That’s your fault, not anyone else’s.

Chris is confused by the strategy of trying to stop it, noting that instead of jumping up linebackers should be pushing the offensive linemen. Why aren’t defenses utilizing the same strategy the offense is? Mike Golic Sr. made a similar point on Monday’s GoJo and Golic, extolling defenders not to leave their feet.

Moving away from the Tush Push for a second, Chris says there is a question to be asked about the Dolphins' offense on the road. Maybe it’s been the level of competition (the Dolphins’ road games have come against the Bills and the Eagles), but the offense hasn’t looked good on the road against these good defenses. Tony points out that this is the first time the Dolphins have played a defensive line as talented as the Eagles. Chris does want to note, however, that the Dolphins were missing three starting offensive linemen. In hindsight, the Dolphins were undermanned on Sunday night, according to Chris.

Stugotz wants to know: Is the crew just realizing that the Eagles are good? They went to the Super Bowl last year! Tony says part of the issue is it’s hard to quantify offensive line play.

Stugotz says Chris is right to be concerned about the Dolphins. Stugotz points out that Miami didn’t score an offensive point in the second half, clearly aren’t as good on the road as they are at home and haven’t beaten a really good team yet.

Billy brings up the fact that the Dolphins are banged up. Jalen Ramsey still hasn’t taken the field this season, De’Von Achane has missed the last two games, they have linemen that are out. Chris says it’s about what are the Dolphins going to look like at the end of the year. He thinks everyone knows that when Miami has enough of its pieces they’re going to be a top-end team. The Dolphins are definitely going to be in the mix, but Stugotz says if they don’t have homefield advantage you have to wonder if they can make it to the Super Bowl. Billy isn’t panicking, however, and doesn’t know why Stugotz wants everyone to freak out and panic about this team.

Meanwhile, Spencer Hall joined the show to break down the weekend on the college gridiron and had a strong take about the Nittany Lions ...


Monday Hangover: Tony and Juju

  • Stugotz, Billy, and Mikey A don’t want to be the show that blames the refs for everything that happened on Sunday, but at the same time, it was kind of their fault. Tony and Juju join the show to give their thoughts on what is going on with Bills and Lions. Stugotz ranks his top 5 questionable teams in the NFL through week 7. Billy gives us his BBBBBB for the 49ers and Vikings game.

Local Hour: Skeleton Crew

  • A sobering Dolphins Sunday night game has what remains of the show in their feelings and searching for answers. Is the Philly Brotherly Shove cheating? Can the Dolphins offense travel? Have they beaten a good team, in other words are the 2-4 Chargers a good team? Chris Cote returns from Oktoberfest with a pro german stance and a horrifying outdoor bathroom story. Billy dives into his coffee habits, while Chris and Tony raw dog it, and Stugotz gets straight to it with a double espresso. Billy shares his notes (NOT observations) from the weekend and Chris Cote accuses the ball of lying a lot, going against what Rasheed Wallace.

The Big Suey: Done With Days

  • It’s national TV Talk Show Host Day. Stugotz loves a good Nut Day. Chris Cote is done with national days. What’s the best day for Halloween? Why is Bernie Kosar hanging out with Taylor Swift? Does Travis Kelce play better with Taylor Swift in attendance? Billy, Chris and Tony try to figure out what Taylor’s optimal flight time from Japan to the Super Bowl the next day.

Hour 1: Fair Catch, Huh?

  • Spencer Hall joins the show to recap another crazy weekend of college football while validating all of Chris Cote’s ridiculous questions. Taylor gives his UNC football observations and Chris Cote is concerned about Instagram’s “close friends” story feature.

Hour 2: Close Friends

  • Andrew Hawkins joins the show to discuss important topics like Instagram’s Close Friends feature and what defines a close friend. Also, Hawk tells Billy that he is an idiot for calling Kirk Cousins a first ballot Hall of Famer while the show takes off recapping the NFL weekend that was and who is on the hot seat in the NFL.

Postgame Show: Lucy or Goosey

  • Dan, Mike Ryan and Luis join the show from Los Angeles! The team recaps what happened throughout the day and play one of GOD BLESS FOOTBALL’s signature games: LUCY OR GOOSEY!


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