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Is the Tua vs. Herbert debate donezo?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the juggernaut Dolphins offense and whether Tua has put Justin Herbert squarely in his rearview mirror.

The good vibes were flowing on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz on Tuesday morning. The crew is drinking that Dolphins kool-aid now that there are NO undefeated teams remaining in the NFL.

Stugotz points out that a lot of people are saying that the Dolphins are now the best team in the NFL, noting that Andrew Hawkins of the ThomaHawk podcast called Tyreek Hill the best non-QB in the NFL. Stugotz said the Dolphins are overwhelming and he’s not certain that they’re not the best team in football.

Greg Cote says he thinks that the Dolphins are the best team in football right now, even if they are a slight underdog going into this week’s matchup with the Eagles. Greg said he thinks this is the best offense in Dolphins history. He points out that the Dolphins of the Larry Czonka era were able to run, but not pass, while the inverse was true during the Dan Marino era. Now, he says, they can do both — they lead the league in rushing and Tua Tagovailoa is everything they thought he could be when they drafted him ahead of Justin Herbert. Greg says this is the most dynamic, well-balanced, inventive and exciting offense Miami has ever had.

Speaking of Herbert, Chris asks if we can officially end the debate between Herbert and Tua. Stugotz is an emphatic yes, but Tony isn’t quite ready to declare a winner just yet. Tony wants to be able to see Herbert without Brandon Staley, as he would be intrigued to see him with perhaps a better coach. Stugotz points out that if Staley gets fired Herbert will be on his third coach in his relatively short NFL career. Jeremy (don’t adjust your device, he really is in a bear costume) says it’s a shame because Herbert is a really great quarterback, but it’s tough when we’re doing these comparisons between these QBs when one of them is winning and breaking all of these records. Obviously, he says, the system has something to do with it, but different QBs fit in different systems in different ways and it’s not fair to say that Herbert would be doing better if he was in Tua’s spot. BEAR-y good point Jeremy.

Billy, however, has to interject with the following admission: Dolphins offenses have ruined football for him. He can’t watch a football game that’s not the Dolphins. Don’t ask him to watch a game that’s just 14-9 in the third quarter. Why can’t the other teams just score? Why does it take some of them so long to score?

Greg points out that in the past when the Dolphins had been down 14-0 in the first quarter the crowd would be leaving like the game was over. Meanwhile, Billy points out on Sunday Tua was LAUGHING at that scenario. Now, that’s supreme confidence. Greg points out that even when the Dolphins were down 14-0 they were still the favorites, there was no doubt they were coming back. And it’s not just because the Panthers stink, which they do, it’s because until someone proves otherwise, the Miami offense seems almost unstoppable.

Meanwhile, Greg Cote is giving the fans the content they want ...


Local Hour: The Snaggletoe

  • Billy has returned from Jury Duty, Tony had a horribly bad beat, and Jer Bear is...dressed as a bear. Billy gives us his takeaways after listening to yesterday’s show, including a note about Stugotz’s fake laugh. Then, Greg Cote is here and tells us about his new book with Ron Magill and the sweet love his words made with Ron’s hands on experience. Plus, Greg’s great toe is feeling particularly great these days.

The Big Suey: Making Out at Halloween Parties

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Hour 1: Do You See What I See?

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Hour 2: Every Second Matters

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Postgame Show: C.O.W.D.I.I.

  • The LA and Miami crews come together to wrap up today’s show. Dan finally has a chance to confront Lucy for leaving the Colorado game early and ask the rest of the Miami team how today’s show went with Greg, Jer Bear, and more.


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