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Bryce Harper’s revenge tour is what playoff baseball is all about

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the MLB postseason in place of top-five movie lists from Adnan Virk and David Samson.

What started as a segment about the best movies of the last decade turned into baseball talk on Thursday’s The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz.

Just as David Samson was about to get into his No. 5 choice, Adnan Virk of MLB Network had already had enough and wanted instead to talk about the Dodgers and how it was that they fell short AGAIN. Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman went 1 for 21, Clayton Kershaw gets lit up like a Christmas Tree and Lance Lynn implodes to the tune of four home runs in one inning and Adnan has to sit through David’s top movies of the last decade?

Adnan also wants to know how the vaunted Braves are on the brink of being eliminated by the Phillies once again? He’s amazed you can win all these games in the regular season and still fall flat on your face in the postseason.

Jessica, meanwhile, wants to know if this is a bit because they’re finally going to talk about movies that she might like and instead they wind up talking about baseball.

Meanwhile, back to the list! ... Maybe. Until Adnan says forget about the movies of the decade, the Astros are the team of the decade. He compares the Astros, the team everyone loves to hate, to David, He says David is the Houston Astros of Meadowlark Media — either you love him or you hate him and more often than not you loathe him! Samson Altuve! At that, David points out that he and Jose Altuve actually see eye-to-eye ... literally. He points out that they are both about 5-foot-5, although Altuve is about twice as wide and 200x as strong. David says the Astros are a dynasty and they are separating themselves from the 2017 cheating scandal because all they do is win. MLB may be despondent about the Dodgers being out and other things about the postseason, David said, but they’re happy to have the Astros to play the role of the villain.

Dan says the playoffs have been interesting, although he notes that all the best teams losing can’t be good for anybody. David says it’s actually good for owners because they can then look at big spenders like Steve Cohen and tell them you don’t need to spend all that money. Mike takes exception, noting that the Phillies exist and that while the Padres didn’t make the playoffs, fans still came out and supported the team. He says there are a lot of good examples in baseball of spending money and people coming out to support the team. Not to mention good stories to be told as a result of that spending, such as the Bryce Harper contract somehow working despite everybody laughing at it. Mike points out that one of baseball’s best markets is loving the fact that their owners are going for it.

David says what’s actually great for the fans, more so than an owner saying he’s willing to spend “stupid” money, is for every team to think they have some kind of hope that they can make the postseason. Adnan points out that you can feel like that as the NLCS has a chance of having 4-seed taking on a 6-seed. Who expected that? Mike says it’s a sport where you can win inside the margins. It’s a lottery, he says, but the teams that spend more money get more lottery tickets. It’s not a bad thing that teams are spending money. Stop trying to make everybody the Rays! Mike says it does seem fun to flip around the channels and see how crazy that Philadelphia baseball crowd is around a team filled with big contracts.

David says Philly was the most difficult fan base he ever encountered and that if you’re not from Philly he’s not sure you would call them the best fanbase in baseball. David had a lot of issues in Philly, and so did a lot of his players with the Marlins. Adnan says the Philly fanbase is raucous and passionate, and at times can be a little bit unlikeable. But, hey, he says that can be little like David at times too.

Dan says Philadelphia fans can be a little ugly and irrationally passionate about their sports. But Adnan says how great is it that Bryce Harper gets taunted by Orlando Arcia after Game 2 and then he goes out and hits two home runs in front of the Philly crowd in Game 3 and STARES at Arcia as he rounds the bases. That, Adnan says, is what playoff baseball is all about. How do you not love Bryce Harper in that moment? Sorry for those of you looking for those top five lists, however.

Meanwhile, Mike Schur stops by with a next-level Stat of the Day ...


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