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Was the Braves’ comeback win in Game 2 an all-time playoff game?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses Atlanta’s victory in Game 2 of the NLDS vs. the Phillies.

To paraphrase Stugotz, Daaannn ... the Braves ... are ... BACK! Yes, Stugotz was quick to point out to Dan that apparently, the Braves have remembered how to play baseball again after taking Game 2 of their NLDS series against the Phillies on Monday in dramatic fashion.

Dan points out that Billy hates the Braves, and thus enjoys watching Braves games in order to root for them to lose. However, Billy points out that he also hates the Phillies, so really he’s in a no-win position in this series. And a no-lose position, as Dan suggests. But, anyways, the Braves saved their season at the fence on Monday.

Stugotz said Phillies-Braves Game 2 was an all-time great MLB postseason game. The Braves were staring down the barrel of being down 0-2 heading back to what is sure to be a raucous Philadelphia until Austin Riley blasted a one-handed homer and Michael Harris made an otherworldly double play in the course of an amazing couple of innings. Stugotz said we’ve never seen an ending like that double play and we’ll never see another one again. The Phillies thought they had a go-ahead home run, only to get robbed and then have Bryce Harper doubled off. A truly insane play, according to Stugotz.

Greg Cote said he thought it was a bad play by Bryce Harper, but Braves/Phillies hater Billy says he was fine with it because if it gets down then he scores and it's a tie game. Dan says you have to get on your horse and be aggressive there. He says it would have been so cool if Harper had been racing all the way around the bases back to Philly, but then the Braves made an all-time memorable play to end the game and that kind of stinks for the Phillies but now the stakes are ratcheted up. Dan says Philadelphia has the best environment of anybody in these playoffs while the Braves won 100 games this season and were a lot better than the next closest competition. The Braves were MASHING the baseball like no one else in the sport, Dan points out.

Stugotz says he wanted the Braves to win Game 2 because ... well ... he had money on them, but also because Stu just wants stakes, he wants tension. And the Braves and Phillies coming down to a winner-take-all Game 5 is very exciting. That’s all he wants — for these series to be exciting.

Dan wants more than that, however, because as an organization the Braves are set up to haunt everybody for a long time. After all, they lost Freddie Freeman and somehow got BETTER after the fact — although Billy points out that they didn’t so much “lose” Freeman and much as he chose to go to LA. Semantics aside, the fact of the matter is the Braves are better.

Billy points out that the same reason Dan wants the Braves to win is the reason he wants them to lose. He likes it when these massive favorites lose, why would you want these teams to win? Dan pushes back, pointing out he never said he wanted them to win rather saying he wanted more than just stakes and exciting games. He says Stugotz is looking for the Phillies to play a Game 5 while he’s looking for the Braves to play elimination games the entire time. He wants to see the best at their best. He doesn’t want to see them get eliminated early, he wants to see them get eliminated late. And believe you me, he wants to see them get eliminated. Billy, however, was hoping the Braves would get swept just so he could say they won the same number of 2023 playoff games as his beloved Marlins. That’s what he’s rooting for — max embarrassment!

Meanwhile, Greg Cote took you back in his day to talk about hotel housekeeping ...


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