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Golf DFS, Advanced tools

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PGA Hall of Fame - Lesson 01 - Scoring Bonuses

If you’ve played daily fantasy golf on DraftKings before, you probably realize that there are points awarded (or taken away) for every score a golfer makes on a certain hole.  Additionally, the final placement of a player in a tournament can mean additional points for a…

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PGA Hall of Fame - Lesson 02 - Tournament Strategy

Daily fantasy golf is a volatile sport. Variance day-to-day and week-to-week is extremely high. The best golfers in the world can make around 90 percent of cuts, but the average golfer makes cuts at a much lower rate. In a typical full-field event, only half the…

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PGA Hall of Fame - Lesson 04 - Advanced Stats

As discussed in previous articles, no two tournaments are alike on the PGA Tour.  Every week, the players face an entirely new set of challenges.  This can be one of the most interesting (and frustrating) aspects of fantasy golf, as each week will require you to…

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PGA Hall of Fame - Lesson 03 - Understanding Courses and Tournaments

One of the more popular sayings you will hear used in daily fantasy golf circles is the phrase "horses for courses."  This phrase refers to the fact that certain golfers simply seem to excel on certain courses more than they do on others.   This is due…