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Should the Heat go after Donovan Mitchell?

Rachel Nichols and Boogie Cousins discuss potential moves for the Miami Heat in the latest episode of Bully Ball on DraftKings Network.

Miami struck out on Damian Lillard in the offseason, and it led to some lamenting from The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz crew about Pat Riley’s inability to get another superstar to bring his talents to South Beach.

On the latest episode of Bully Ball, however, Rachel Nichols and Demarcus Cousins have a solution. And once again, it should have Cavs fans looking away.

Yes, with a need at point guard, perhaps the Heat should set its sights on Spida Man himself, Donovan Mitchell!

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Rachel says we all know the Heat turns it on in the playoffs and are currently fourth in the Eastern Conference, but the Heat NEED a point guard. And while the Cavs are saying they won’t be putting Mitchell on the trade block, but as the Million Dollar Man once famously said, everybody has a price.

Boogie, of course, notes that he’s heard the whole “we’re not going to trade you” line before. He says when any team tells you that it’s time to start packing your stuff up. Boogie says he thinks Mitchell is the perfect piece for Miami. They need the offense and Boogie says Mitchell just makes that team so much better and a huge threat.

He does think there are a lot of point guard targets out there, however. He says he could see a Spencer Dinwiddie coming in and filling that role. Malcolm Brogdon is another name he mentions as another option that fits what the Heat needs and would fit in HEAT CULTURE.

Meanwhile, there’s another name that pops into Boogie’s head — John Wall. The former All-Star is just sitting at home and Boogie thinks he would fit in well with the Heat’s needs. Boogie says he’s not really sure why Wall hasn’t gotten another chance in the league, but he thinks Wall is perfect for that role with Miami — he could come in as a starter, he could come in off the bench and really help that team get to another level.

So, Boogie says the Heat have some great options when it comes to filling out this team and helping make it a contender this season. Rachel loves Boogie’s suggestions, noting that several teams were at a John Wall workout last month and that Brogdon is hungry to get back on a contender. She also says to watch for Tyus Jones as another interesting potential Miami target.

Listen or watch the full show below and make sure to tune in to new episodes of Bully Ball every Monday at 6 p.m. ET on DraftKings Network!


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