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Down goes Anderson! Down goes Anderson! Baseball Is Dead reacts to TA getting “melted”

Jared Carrabis and the guys from Baseball Is Dead discuss the now-infamous Tim Anderson-Jose Ramirez fight over the weekend.

Saturday night was alright for fighting at Progressive Field as we saw one of the more memorable incidents of basebrawl in recent history between Jose Ramirez and Tim Anderson. It even led to what will become an iconic call.

Of course, the crew from Baseball is Dead has some thoughts.

Jared initially wanted to give Anderson the benefit of the doubt that he just tripped, but once you see the side SloMo, it’s clear as day that TA just got legit KO’d. Or as Dallas said, it was the definition of getting “melted.” Jose was in a fracas and just let it fly and Dallas thinks there is no way Jose should have been punished for his role in what will likely become this generation’s Nolan Ryan-Robin Ventura showdown. And to those who say we don’t need this in the sport Dallas has a simple message: STOP IT! Once Anderson dropped his glove and squared up, much like the umpire at second, Dallas said it became like a hockey fight and it’s on!

Jared points out that in hockey fights guys are on skates and can’t really get their lower half into it in the same way that baseball players on solid ground in spikes can. However, Dallas says one could argue that with a full-length blade hockey players actually have a LARGER point of contact with the ground.

Dallas points out that things got so heated because Anderson knocked Ramirez’s hand off the bag following a slide and Ramirez was subsequently called out on replay. Dallas points out that is some shady stuff. This comes AFTER Ramirez had already gotten into a bit with Anderson over his tags. So, as Dallas notes, there was a history at play and things boiled over.

Jared also feels bad for Anderson as he had a full-blown breakdown on Twitter/X in the aftermath.

Dallas says that when you’re the one who squared up, dropped the glove and instigated the fracas you are the one who bow’d up and the chips are going to fall where they may, so what are you carrying on about after the fact? He points out that in hockey if you “get melted” you skate off the ice, sit in the penalty box and get out and get on your next shift.

Dallas also hates that guys like Anderson or Ramirez would go through something like that and then feel like they have to scour social media, especially when Anderson is having a rough year on and off the field.

At the end of the day, Dallas notes that Anderson is going to have to wear it.

Listen to the podcast or watch the video below for the full discussion!


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