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What city deserves an MLB team?

Jared Carrabis began his Tuesday Takeover of The Sweat by tackling expansion/relocation in big-league baseball.

In case you missed it, Name Redacted Podcast and Baseball is Dead host Jared Carrabis will be taking over The Sweat every Tuesday this season!

To kick off this wonderful collaboration, Carrabis was in studio with The Sweat hosts Emerson Lotzia and Jessie Coffield as well as DraftKings analyst Steve Buchanan. And the topic of MLB expansion was discussed.

Did you know that Emerson lived in Salt Lake City for three years? Jared had one immediate retort: Why? Putting that aside for the moment, Emerson vouched for SLC as a great baseball town, highlighting Mike Trout’s stop there while he was moving up through the minors.

It’s not that Jared has anything against Salt Lake City, necessarily, it’s just that he thinks Nashville is cool. Or even dreaming bigger, and after seeing some of the crowds in his beloved World Baseball Classic, it would be cool to have an international team in a place like Puerto Rico. And even though the travel would be ridiculous, he would love to see a team in the Dominican Republic as well. Why not experiment with putting a team in an international city, I mean we already have the Toronto Blue Jays! Jared would just love to see baseball expand internationally rather than, say, just pitting a team in SLC.

Meanwhile, somehow the conversation turned to the struggling Oakland A’s with Jessie perhaps suggesting that instead of international expansion MLB should take an international page and introduce something like relegation. Emerson tried to suggest that the A’s would get relegated ... north of the border. But the panel really wasn’t having it. Steve agrees that baseball needs to return to Montreal, but we really don’t want to give them the Oakland A’s. It wouldn't be right.

Instead, Steve suggested moving the A’s to Las Vegas to give Sin City visitors something to do. Jared pointed out that A’s fans are supposedly considering a reverse protest in June, turning out in big numbers to prove the point that they aren’t the issue and that the organization isn’t in the state they’re in because of them.

Jared also said he doesn’t think the Rays need to move, but rather give them a ballpark actually in Tampa rather than in St. Petersburg. He points out if you actually live in Tampa it will take you HOURS to get to the Trop. He says he wouldn’t move the Rays, but as far as the A’s go? Hello, Vegas!


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Watch more from the Tuesday Takeover edition of The Sweat below!


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