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Is Jared Carrabis a Red Sox “mascot”?

Jared Carrabis welcomes Jon and Jason Anik to the Jared Carrabis podcast to talking about growing up in the Boston area, the Red Sox and Jared being a “mascot.”

The Jared Carrabis Podcast welcomed Jon and Jason Anik to the podcast to discuss their experiences growing up in Boston and what their expectations are for the 2023 Red Sox.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This podcast contains adult language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Jared welcomed the Anik brothers, going over their ties to the Boston area and Jon’s beginnings in media, from starting as a writer to going to radio to going to ESPN and eventually to UFC.

Jared also went into his dustup with Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy, which led to Shaughnessy referring to Jared as a “Red Sox mascot” in his column.

Jared wondered if the fact that the noted Globe columnist devoted space to a Twitter back and forth with him is a sign he’s truly made it in media. Tyler said despite the fact that Shaughnessy was trying to dunk on Jared, it’s basically a compliment and the equivalent of giving Jared his flowers.

After reading from Shaughnessy’s column, Jared said there are times where he has to remind himself that he’s a die-hard Red Sox fan who was able to translate that into a career and now a social media back-and-forth has led to a piece in the venerable Globe. He said the fact that he made fun of Dan Shaughnessy like a third grader and it generated this response was a big moment for him.

Jon Anik said he and his brother could relate, growing up as big fans in leaning into that now in their professional lives. Jon noted that play-by-play is his passion, even as his brother notes that he can flow about the NFL on their podcast. Jon also noted that it’s more important to crystalize what you don’t want to do, saying that he believes he benefited from the fact that at 16 he knew he wanted to work in sports but also benefited from the fact that he got to ESPN and learned he didn’t want to become a “highlight machine.” He said that he has a dream job and that he takes it seriously — perhaps, he noted, too seriously at times — and that he acknowledges he is a promoter and not a journalist.

After talking about their earliest memories of their Red Sox fandom — including Jon relating the story of his father perhaps being more upset at the ball going through Bill Buckner’s legs in 1986 than when his father’s mother suffered a seizure — Jon notes that he is an optimistic Sox fan and that he laughs at all of the negativity surrounding the team following the offseason. Jason admits he doesn’t look at the Red Sox as a big market team like he had in the past, but that if he had to pick one he thinks he would choose Rafael Devers over Mookie Betts. Jared still misses Mookie, but notes most people would probably still choose Mookie, although that narrative could evolve over time as both players age.

Jason notes that going into 2023 he is taking a page from Jared and is very optimistic. He says he doesn’t pay a lot of attention to what other teams are doing and points that even after a rough start last year’s team got hot at one point and was 10 games over .500. He thinks that, unlike the end of last season, the Sox will remain competitive throughout. Jason also said he thinks April will be crucial, and that if you can get off to a hot start it could carry you through some droughts at other points. Jon points out at the beginning of his analysis of the 2023 Sox that it's incredible how infrequently the Yankees have been in the World Series of late. In getting to the Sox, Jon notes that despite all the discourse the Red Sox did go out and sign some guys and their payroll is not at the bottom of the barrel. He say he is aligned with Jason about April and the first six weeks being important, but he’s excited and it’s all systems go.


Nobody Panic (Feat. Jon & Jason Anik)

  • Things took a turn this week after Chris Cotillo attempted to cause widespread panic throughout the fanbase. We’re giving him a call to ask him why he wrote an article saying the season is over due injuries. But first, Jon & Jason Anik join us to talk some Sox! The Anik brothers grew up in Boston as die-hard Sox fans and boy do they know ball. Jared, Jon, Jason, and Tyler talk everything from the heartbreak of 2003, to the joy of 2004, Jon’s obsession with Nomar, Jason meeting Trot Nixon, Trevor Story and Kiké Hernandez being big UFC guys, handing out “K” cards for WEEI, and more! Huge thanks to those guys for a great convo about all things Sox, and make sure to check out the “Anik & Florian Podcast” hosted by Jon Anik and MMA legend Kenny Florian. The guest-filled episode continues when Young Pageviews calls Jared and makes an impromptu appearance on the pod to talk some Cardinals. Tyler gives us news and notes from the week which includes his thoughts on Chris Sale’s outing. We’re also getting Jared’s reaction to the Dan Shaughnessy article calling him a mascot. Enjoy!

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