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Will the Cinderella story continue for the Diamondbacks in the World Series?

Jared Carrabis and the guys from Baseball Is Dead preview the World Series featuring the Diamondbacks and Rangers.

It’s finally here — the World Series begins tonight! And the crew from Baseball Is Dead is here to get you ready.

Jared kicks off the show, much like the Rangers, with a need, a need for Creed. The power of Creed compels you!

Of course, everyone had this matchup in the World Series, right? Right? Of course, Arizona reliever Paul Sewald had to bring the receipts for the doubters, including Jared.

As Dallas says, Jared has been trying to cut off the head of those snakes for the last month, but they’ve been bobbing and weaving their way right into the World Series. Don’t worry though, Jared is not rattled. After all, it’s not like the D’Backs are going to win the World Series, right?

Dallas says he feels like he was ready to go D’Backs and he’s taken a look at some of the numbers for both sides, seeing some ebbs and flows, but he wants to know if we’re going to entertain the idea that the baseball gods just have a different plan in place for how this World Series will unfold. So why can’t the D’Backs continue to defy the odds, Dallas asks? He says that every reason that people list for why a team is able to go on a run, the D’Backs have done that at the right time. They’ve gotten pitching at the right time and they’ve gotten contributions from places you might not have expected.

Jared wants to know from Jayhayt, what are the vibes? Jayhay says that to him there is a Cinderella aspect to both of these teams. He knows the Rangers were six games better in the regular season, but they have a similar really bad to the World Series story over a three-season period as Arizona has. Jayhay doesn’t think this feels like Arizona is a team of destiny in this World Series. It doesn’t mean the D’Backs can’t win, but Jayhay doesn’t feel like that is the overriding narrative. He thinks Texas is writing a special story in its own right with the win streak to start the postseason and the emphatic way they dismissed the Astros in Games 6 and 7.

Jared is seeing parallels to the 2007 postseason, with the Rangers playing the role of the Red Sox and the D’Backs channeling the Rockies. Once the 2007 World Series began, the clock struck midnight for the Rockies as they got swept by the Sox because it didn’t matter if the Rockies were the team of destiny that postseason, the better team was going to win. Jayhay thinks the Rangers and D’Backs are much closer in roster talent and in expectations than the Red Sox and Rockies were in 2007. The 2007 Red Sox won 96 games and were a great team, according to Jayhay.

Dallas agrees with Jayhay that there could be a Cinderella air to both teams, but the Texas Rangers did have the same record as the division-winning Astros. All of that being said, does the Rangers’ lineup set them apart from the D’Backs?

Dallas says Arizona needs just four more wins. There’s nothing that says they can’t continue to do what they’ve done and play the brand of baseball they played in the postseason over the next seven games.

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Listen to the podcast or watch the video below for the full discussion!


World Series Preview

  • The World Series is here and so is our preview episode! Jared, Dallas, Joey, and Jayhay preview the upcoming World Series matchup between the Rangers and Diamondbacks. We break down pitching matchups, keys to the series, potential X factors, and give our predictions for who will win it all! Thanks for listening and we’ll see you after Game 1!

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