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Diamondbacks break The Bank and punch ticket for the World Series

Jared Carrabis and the guys from Baseball Is Dead discuss Arizona clinching the NL pennant in Game 7 and preview the World Series

The Diamondbacks defied the odds — and Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo — and punched their ticket to the Fall Classic with a Game 7 win over the Phillies at the Bank. Folks, we have a World Series!

Jared, in his music-pumped-up excitement, points out that none of them had the Diamondbacks accomplishing all that they’ve accomplished this postseason, although Joey disputes at least some of that. Dallas says credit has to be given where credit is due, pointing out that the D’Backs bullpen has been slicing and dicing. Dallas said nobody had predicted this, especially the notion that Zac Gallen of all people would be the D’Backs arm struggling. The guys also point out that Arizona got more aggressive and began swiping bases in Games 6 and 7.

Dallas points out that in addition to having to give credit where it’s due and celebrate what the D’Backs were able to accomplish, especially Ketel Marte with his 16-game hit streak to begin his postseason career, we have to contrast that with what we didn’t get from the Phillies. Dallas highlights the fact that Kyle Schwarber, Bryce Harper and Trea Turner went 1-for-20 in Games 6 and 7, which Nick Castellanos went ICE cold after raking earlier in the playoffs.

Joey says it was a CRUSHING defeat for the Phillies. Joey says he and, to be honest, just about everybody else was rooting for the Phillies. Even Dallas’ wife was less than enthused with the outcome. Dallas does say there are great stories to dive into, including Paul Sewald. So, while the Diamondback might not be able to throw out star after star, Dallas says when you talk about an 84-win team sneaking their way into the World Series you have to start to open up your heart and fall in love with what we’re on the verge of potentially watching. And that is watching a team come completely out of nowhere and do EXACTLY what needs to be done from the minute the calendar turned to October. He says they’re playing their best brand of baseball as consistently as they possibly could.

Joey wonders why seemingly no one wants to ride with the underdogs. Dallas says he thinks it’s because there was so much excitement and fun to be had in other places. He says it’s not that nobody was on board with the Diamondbacks, it’s just would you rather go to the BOB or the Bank? Dallas thinks that answers itself. But again, he says you have to give credit where credit is due and get serious about some of the unfolding storylines that can get you excited by an Arizona group that was never positioned at any point to be here. But they’re here and Dallas says they’ve shown over the past month why they’re here.

It may be enough to win a series, but Jared thinks it’s not enough to win over America. He says if your team is knocked out of contention, people like to watch stars. He says people want to see Harper, Schwarber, etc. And he thinks that is why more people gravitated toward the Phillies than the D’Backs. If the D’Backs had won 84 games but had a star, people may have warmed up to them. The same notion applies to if Chase Field was as rocking as Citizens Bank Park, he says. People just gravitate toward star power.

Either way, get ready, because the Fall Classic starts Friday and Baseball Is Dead will have you covered! Original episodes of Baseball Is Dead will air on Samsung TV Plus, The Roku Channel, Xumo Play, as well as YouTube and the Baseball Is Dead social channels throughout the World Series.

Listen to the podcast or watch the video below for the full discussion!


Snakes Alive

  • The baseball gods gifted the world two Game 7’s and they did not disappoint. The Snakes sent the Phillies home in SHOCKING fashion at The Bank, and the Rangers bludgeoned the Astros in Game 7 to advance to the World Series. We’re reacting to the Phillies choking and the DBacks incredible underdog story, as well as the Rangers offense carrying them to the Fall Classic. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you for our World Series preview.

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