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Is the recent surge in scoring good for the NBA?

Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson discuss the offensive explosion in the latest edition of All The Smoke Unplugged.

Another week means another edition of All The Smoke Unplugged! Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson chopped it up on everything from an NAACP award nomination to scoring surge in the NBA to getting hot at your teammates to Doc Rivers in Milwaukee.

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Matt notes that there has been a crazy increase in scoring of late. Luka Doncic, Joel Embiid, Devin Booker and Karl-Anthony Towns posting 60+-point performances recently. Stak points out that from 1985 to 2004 there were eight 60-point games. In the last 13 months, there have been nine!

Stak and Matt bring up Steve Kerr complaining about the scoring explosion and saying there should be rules changes to give some leeway back to defenders. What does Stak, known for being a defensive-minded player, think of all this?

Stak says it’s clear there’s no defense being played right now. Stak says the things Draymond Green is doing, how agressive he’s playing, is being highlighted way more than it would have been in the era in which he and Matt played in the NBA. Stak says Draymond is the only one playing that type of aggressive defense. Stak says this is what the league wanted. They wanted a high-scoring game, they wanted guys to let people score on Ole-style defense and get the rim and now that’s exactly what is happening.

Matt says you stand out now when you play defense. He’s torn, as someone who loved to played defense in the league, as this is what the NBA wanted and this is why the game continues to grow. The NBA doesn’t want those old grinder games under 100 points on each side. Matt says they want 130-140 points and a bunch of deep threes and crazy offensive highlights. This is where the game has gone and while Matt is sure the purists are frustrated but he just feels like whether your like it or not it is what it is and the game is as big as its ever been and the surge in scoring is part of the reason why.

Meanwhile, some of the other big news that has gone down in the last week has been in Milwaukee with the Bucks making a coaching change. Adrian Griffin is out and Doc Rivers is in. Do the guys think that is the right move?

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NBA Scoring Surge, Golden State’s Future, NFL Recap | All The Smoke UNPLUGGED

  • The guys are back on their bullsh*t! On this weeks episode of ATS Unplugged, Matt and Stak give their thoughts to the NBA scoring surge, Golden State’s future, and recap the NFL conference championship games!


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