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Snoop Dogg joins All The Smoke to discuss Usher, the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson are joined by the legendary Snoop Dogg on the latest All The Smoke.

On the latest edition of All The Smoke, Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson were joined for the second time by the legendary Snoop Dogg to discuss everything in his world.

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Snoop chopped it up with Matt and Stak on everything from his new Amazon movie, The Underdoggs, to the Lakers to Death Row Records. Snoop has truly done it all, and that includes performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show back in 2022. This year’s halftime act will be another legend, Usher.

Given his own Super Bowl halftime experience does Snoop have any advice for Usher? In a word, no — Usher’s already got it all!

Snoop notes that Usher recently closed out his Las Vegas residency, which is right out of the Frank Sinatra playbook. Snoop says it’s something that you dream about. He says the only step up above that is the Super Bowl, so the Vegas residency in reality was preparation for the Super Bowl and the moment — what songs are they feeling, when do I dance, when do I roller skate, when do I go ballad, when do I pick it back up. Snoop says it’s like being an athlete — as a performer you have to know when to know when. You don’t go all out in the first quarter of the game, but when the third and fourth quarter roll around you’re leaving it all on the table. Snoop says this is how performers train themselves, similar to how Matt and Stak did as NBA athletes.

Going back to the Super Bowl, Matt wants to know what it was like for Snoop performing at home in front of family? Snoop says he was more into Dr. Dre than himself. He says he was more focused on making sure that Dre looked good. He says that’s the protector in him, protecting the house and making sure the king looks good. Snoop points out that he didn’t do any of his own songs, it wasn’t necessary. That day was all about making sure that Dre looked good and he was able to drive the car. He says it’s better when Dr. Dre is in the driver’s seat and Snoop Dogg is in the passenger seat looking out the window. Snoop says he knows how to play his position.

Meanwhile, Snoop also hits on his partnership with Sketchers and what led him to sign on with the brand.

Watch or listen to the full episode below and keep an eye on DraftKings Network for new episodes of All The Smoke every Thursday at 6 p.m. ET!


Snoop Dogg | Ep 216 | ALL THE SMOKE Full Episode

  • Snoop Dogg is BACK! Our guy joins the boys for a second time on ALL THE SMOKE to chop it up. The music legend opens up about his family life, talks about his new movie ‘The Underdoggs”, gives advice to Usher on his Super Bowl performance, and talks about finally getting Death Row Records. Plus, he sends a message to Jeanie Buss on the state of the Lakers, breaks down his Steelers future, and speaks on his partnership with Master P & Sketchers.


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