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Is it too early to write off the Lakers?

Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson discuss the Lakers' struggles and more on All The Smoke Unplugged.

Another week means another edition of All The Smoke Unplugged! Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson touched on a variety of subjects, but naturally, basketball and the subject of the Lakers came up.

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Matt points out that the Lakers have the same 19-21 mark as they had at this time last year but it feels like everyone thinks the world is going to end. Darvin Ham has some thoughts on that as well ...

So Matt wants to know: Is there any hope for this team? Stak says there’s hope, but says people have been crazy with how they’ve been looking at this team. He points out that every time LeBron loses, they’re killing the Lakers. Stak says they don’t put any responsibility on any other team. He points out that some of the guys on the Lakers are role players for a reason and meanwhile, the stars have to exceed their expectations in order to be great. He says we know the supporting cast for the Lakers is trash and Stak doesn’t even know what to say about A.D. at this point or why we’re still talking about him. It is what it is.

Stak says LeBron is playing great, but if the Lakers don’t make any moves he’s going to have to get those guys going to get in the hunt for another championship. Matt says he always thought this team was built for the playoffs, they just need to get there. He’s not saying he thinks they’re going to win, but they are a team led by an older guy in LeBron and have a bunch of role players. Matt says they have a lot of size and a lot of length and with the day or two off between games during the playoffs, LeBron can make in-game adjustments for the team. Matt says he thinks it’s just too early to write this team off and they definitely have the assets to make a move if that’s what they want to do. Matt never counts LeBron all the way out, especially this early in the season.

With all the names available on the trade market, including Zach LaVine who Matt thinks would fit in well with the Lakers and provide some buckets, should Austin Reaves be off limits?

“If you don’t have 23 on your jersey, you’re on the trading block,” Stak says. “All y’all can go.”

Meanwhile, Matt had to see how Stak was feeling after the Cowboys’ epic loss over the weekend. How ‘bout them Boys?

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Cowboys Embarrassed, Lakers Struggles, Stephen A. Smith vs. Jason Whitlock | All The Smoke UNPLUGGED

  • ALL THE SMOKE UNPLUGGED is BACK. In the 2nd installment, Matt and Stak reflect on the Cowboys embarrassing loss to the Packers and Stak explains why his Boys are cursed. Plus, they talk about the Lakers struggles and what trades need to be made. They also share their thoughts on the feud between Stephen A. Smith and Jason Whitlock.


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