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Was Jonathan Kuminga wrong to call out Steve Kerr publicly?

Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson catch up on everything going on with the Warriors and more on All The Smoke Unplugged.

All The Smoke Unplugged has made its debut on DraftKings Network! As Matt Barnes notes, the show will be him and Stephen Jackson catching up on the latest hot topics in sports and culture.

The guys touched on a couple of topics involving the Warriors, who seem to have a lot going on at the moment.

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Starting with the return of Draymond Green, Stak says everyone wants a teammate like Draymond, a guy who has your back and is loyal to a fault. Stak loves that type of teammate. So he loves Draymond, but a lot of the issues have sprung up from a lack of production. Stak says if Draymond’s not making a good pass or an impact on defense, he’s not doing much in the game. So, Stak thinks sometimes Draymond gets frustrated from not being able to affect the game the way he wants to. But, the only way you are going to win a championship is with a guy like Stak or Draymond or Ron Artest, although Stak points out that he and Artest were better offensively and did more on both ends of the court.

Matt also points out that we never really know what’s going on in people’s personal lives and what they’re going through. He thinks you definitely have to wrap your arms around someone like Draymond because his mentality has helped this team win four championships. Matt says the Warriors don’t win four championships without Draymond, he’s the heartbeat of this team.

Speaking of Draymond, the guys talk about him responding to Stephen A. Smith’s criticism of Steph Curry as a leader. Matt says Stephen A.’s criticism was wrong, even as Stephen A. tried to backtrack a little bit. Matt says Draymond would have acted the same way if LeBron was on the Warriors, if MJ was on the Warriors, if Kobe was on the Warriors, anyone. Draymond is going to be Draymond. Matt likes that Draymond spoke up in defense of Steph because Stephen A. took a shot at Steph and brought LeBron into it when he didn’t need to. Matt loves the new media has allowed players to talk and nip BS in the bud immediately rather than let it fester.

Stak wants to make something clear as well — Draymond is always going to be the head of the locker room for the Warriors. You can be the best player on the team, but not have the locker room — it’s always the guy that is the heart of the team.

Meanwhile, Matt feels like Steve Kerr is coming to the end of his run in Golden State. Boogie Cousins similarly suggested that the Warriors might need a change in leadership last week on Bully Ball, but Matt thinks Kerr is stressed out and this run has worn on him. So, he would be surprised if in the next couple of years Kerr takes a step back and takes a break.

Not helping matters is the situation with Jonathan Kuminga calling out Kerr in the media. Matt asks Stak what would have happened when they first came into the league if a young player called out his coach like this publicly. Stak says they would be gone, headed off to the CBA and one of the vets would have taken them aside and told them not to ever do anything like that again. It’s different these days and Stak says people wonder why Draymond acts like he does. Look at what he has to deal with! Stak says he would be acting like Draymond too, he says watching everything going on is frustrating. Stak says he loves Kuminga as a player, but he does not have the right to call out on a Hall of Fame coach like Kerr. Stak says he doesn’t even think he’s at the point where he can go to Kerr in private — Stak says he has to get his team’s OGs like Draymond involved.

Matt agrees and thinks it was a mistake on Kuminga’s part. Matt notes that Kerr is one of the most open-door coaches in the league and agrees Kuminga should have gone through one of his OGs before going straight to the media. Matt notes it’s a different time and people are speaking their minds. Sometimes it’s right, but sometimes in a situation like a team sport you either have to go to your coach or your star players because you don’t want to put that out there especially with everything else swirling around the Warriors right now.

Watch or listen to the full episode below and keep an eye on DraftKings Network for new episodes of All The Smoke Unplugged every Tuesday at 6 p.m. ET!


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