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A Ma Maniére x Air Ship “Understand The Why”: Sneaker Release Date, Price, Where To Buy

Andy Silva breaks down the details for the A Ma Maniére x Air Ship “Understand The Why,” set for release on Thursday, August 3.

A Ma Maniére

A Ma Maniére is back with another anticipated collab with Jordan Brand that comes with another story it wants to tell. The A Ma Maniére x Air Ship “Understand The Why” drops on Thursday for a retail price of $140.

I wrote about the brand’s previous collab on the Air Ship last August, but I have to say I think this edition is even better. This time around, the shoe has a primarily white and black leather upper with aged effects as well on the midsole and tongue, making for an ultra-wearable colorway. The tongue tag has A Ma Maniére branding, as does the left heel. A silver “A” charm and a trio of laces will also be included with each pair.

The brand always tells a story with its releases, and this time part of the story is the Maniére values, of which “Understand The Why” is No. 1.

The brand also continued its tradition of releasing a short film to accompany its releases, as well.

Along with the sneaker release, A Ma Maniére will also drop the A Ma Maniére x Jordan Brand 365 Essentials capsule collection. This will include short- and long-sleeve tees, as well as shorts in a trio of colors.

For those who didn’t know, the Air Ship is actually the first Nike that Michael Jordan wore in the NBA and was, in fact, the shoe that was actually banned, not the Air Jordan 1. The Air Jordan 1 wasn’t quite ready for the start of the 1984-85 season, so Jordan had to begin his career wearing the Air Ship, which would have many similarities to the eventual Air Jordan 1. After years relegated to the dustbin of history, Nike and Jordan Brand have finally begun embracing the Air Ship in the last year or so, including a Nigel Sylvester Friends and Family PE.

The A Ma Maniére x Air Ship “Understand The Why” does have 15 sales already on StockX with an average sale price of $343 for a 150% price premium. The previous A Ma Maniére x Air Ship in the game royal colorway currently has an average sale price on StockX of $547 on 607 sales. Outside of the New Beginnings pack from 2020, that’s the highest average sale price for the Air Ship on StockX, so it will be interesting to see how this colorway is received.

A Ma Maniére already held an online raffle in addition to Thursday’s standard release, so if you’re going for a pair of the Air Ship or any of the other items in the capsule collection, best of luck!

A Ma Maniére x Air Ship “Understand The Why” Release Details

Sneaker Release Date Retail Price
Sneaker Release Date Retail Price
A Ma Maniére x Jordan Air Ship Aug. 3 $140

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