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BAPE x Adidas Campus 80s: Sneaker Release Date, Price, Where To Buy

Andy Silva breaks down the details for the BAPE x Adidas Campus 80s set for release on Saturday, April 1.

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BAPE is celebrating its 30th anniversary by reigniting its collaboration with Adidas on the Campus 80s, set to release on April 1 for a retail price of $150.

This collab comes at an interesting time for both BAPE and Adidas. For BAPE, it’s in the midst of a long-gestating lawsuit with Nike over the storied BAPE STA’s similarity to the Air Force 1. Now. the famed Japanese streetwear company has defended itself against Nike’s accusations of trademark infringement, but it’s never good when your signature model is in legal limbo.

Similarly, Adidas is at a crossroads. The brand’s struggles have been well-documented since parting ways with Kanye West in the fall. The Three Stripes had gone all in on Kanye, largely to the point of allowing other aspects of their business to atrophy. Really, for the last several years it’s been Yeezy or nothing for Adidas. When it was good, it papered over Adidas’ shortcomings. However, now that it has gone bad it has put the cracks in the very foundation of the brand in stark relief. Name the last non-Yeezy Adidas sneaker you were hyped about — it’s not so easy. Adidas had no choice but to cut ties with Ye after his deplorable comments and behavior, but the brand’s overreliance on him left it severely weakened. Not to mention the over $1 billion in Yeezy product Adidas has no idea what to do with.

Factor in the recent announcement of the end of Beyonce’s Ivy Park line with the brand, and Adidas desperately needs a hit to return to some semblance of relevancy in the sneaker world and build some positive momentum.

Adidas notes that the collab will be an “all-new spin on the iconic Campus with signature BAPE STA branding that coordinates with 3-Stripes.” The shoe features BAPE 30th anniversary details throughout, along with a BAPE lace lock and what Adidas is terming a special box. The shoe will also feature what the Three Stripes is terming premium materials, including authentic navy suede uppers with a navy leather lining and white accents to go along with an off-white midsole.

The shoe will release on Adidas’ Confirmed app as an online draw. You can enter the draw from now through April 1 at 9:30 a.m. EDT, with the draw following at 10 a.m. EDT. Here’s how the draw will work right from the Adidas Confirmed app:

There is the risk that, unfortunately, an Adidas collab still won’t move the needle for BAPE. The brand’s last collabs in 2021 — Camo Green and White/Black Superstars — both have an average sale price on StockX that is less than $70 over retail. Best of luck to all who are going for this release!

BAPE x Adidas Campus 80s Release Details

Sneaker Release Date Retail Price
Sneaker Release Date Retail Price
Bape x Adidas Campus 80s April 1 $150

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