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Tom Sachs x NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe “Brown”: Sneaker Release Date, Price, Where To Buy

Andy Silva breaks down the release details for the latest colorway in the Tom Sachs x NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe “brown” set for release on Monday, February 6, and Tuesday, February 7.

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Tom Sachs is back with his third colorway of the NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe, this time in brown, set to release on Monday, February 6. on and on the SNKRS app on Tuesday, February 7, for a retail price of $110.

I’ve written about the two previous colorways of the GPS — the Archive in the fall and the original colorway early last summer — and if you were feeling those these will probably continue that trend.

The Brown colorway continues the same basic design aesthetic as the other models of this collaboration, with an emphasis once again placed on wearability and simplicity. After the original model touted being boring and the second colorway claimed that creativity is the enemy, this third colorway notes that it takes time, pointing out that, “Beauty is not limited to youth. Novelty gives way to true character, and things of quality improve with wear.” It’s easy to see the throughline from one campaign to the next and the story seamlessly flows from one release to another.

Nike and Tom Sachs note that the Brown colorway was designed for extended play and “are made to be scuffed, shredded, patched, glued, scrubbed, and thrashed again.” The build of the shoe appears to be quite similar to the prior models, with a mixture of suede and mesh, without the bells and whistles normally seen in collabs or other high-end Nike sneakers.

Interestingly, in a bid to hue to the “everyday wear” appeal of this shoe, the “Archive” colorway was released last fall in select Kohl’s stores. That will continue with the Brown colorway as well, so sneakerheads could be invading a Kohl’s near you once again.

As I noted in the past, Sachs’ “Mars Yard” and “Mars Yard 2.0” are arguably among the most popular collaborations of all-time. The first colorway of the GPS currently has an average sale price of a $343 on StockX which represents a 157% price premium with 12% volatility. The “Archive” colorway has been slightly less popular, posting an average sale price of $181 on StockX, which represents a 28% price premium with 29% volatility. It will be interesting to see if the Brown colorway veers more toward the first release or continues to the aftermarket erosion of the second.

Best of luck if you’re looking to pick up a pair!

Tom Sachs x NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe “Brown” Release Details

Sneaker Release Date Retail Price
Sneaker Release Date Retail Price
NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe Brown Feb. 6 $110
NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe Brown Feb. 7 $110

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