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How to stream ‘Love Actually’

Looking for the Christmas romance movie? We’ve got you covered on how to watch Love Actually via streaming service.

UK Premiere of “Love Actually”

It’s Christmas time and of course there will be nothing but Christmas movies on all weekend. If you’re a glutton for punishment, ‘Love Actually’ may be on your list of movies to watch over the holidays. We’re going to go over how you can stream the holiday rom com that created a genre of intertwining stories of romance.

Love Actually is actually an OK movie when you take it at face value. It’s an ensemble cast which includes multiple Academy award-winning actors/actresses (Colin Firth, Emma Thompson). It has Liam Neeson. It has Keira Knightley. It has Andrew Lincoln in the sign scene. It has a 64 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 72 percent audience score. It would take too long to explain the entire plot. Just go wikipedia it or something.

Love Actually streaming

Love Actually is streaming on Peacock or AMC this holiday season. But really if you want to watch it, it’s going to be on all the time on cable networks.