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Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? The DK Nation staff weighs in

The DK Staff weighs in on the age old debate of whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

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It’s Christmas time! That means the time-honored tradition of debating whether Die Hard should be considered alongside films like It’s A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story has started up again. Some of the Draftkings Nation have given their thoughts, weighing in if action hero icon John McClaine should have a rightful place next to Home Alone’s Kevin McCallister as essential viewing as your wrap Christmas presents this weekend.

Collin Sherwood - Deputy College Sports Editor

Die Hard is absolutely a Christmas movie. While we need holiday classics like Jimmy Stewart talking to a ghost, or everyone on set pretending to like Chevy Chase as he gets stiffed on his holiday bonus, there’s a place for another type of Xmas film. One where the Season's Greetings are more tangential than the main plot, but when John McClane kills a bad guy and writes a “Now I have a machine gun, Ho Ho Ho” on his shirt for Hans Gruber to find, this puts the film in the Holiday Hall of Fame. It doesn’t all have to be warm fuzzies and Manhattan-based women heading back to the bar near their high school.

Teddy Ricketson - DK Nation Staff Writer

In my opinion, Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. Occurring during Christmas does not a Christmas movie make. Have you ever heard someone say, “Oh, my favorite Christmas movie is Edward Scissorhands,” or “Man, I love when the family gets together and watches Reindeer Games and Rambo: First Blood? They really get us in the holiday spirit”? Likely you haven’t. If Die Hard is a Christmas movie, then Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is a Christmas movie. Happy Christmas, Harry, but neither that nor Die Hard are Christmas movies.

Benjamin Zweiman - Senior Managing Editor

No. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but first and foremost, Die Hard is an action movie. It just so happens to take place around Christmas. My main argument is based on Lethal Weapon – which is not considered a Christmas movie, but could be in the same vein as Die Hard. Lethal Weapon opens with Jingle Bell Rock. It has some similar Christmas themes to Die Hard, and the ending even has Gary Busey yelling, “Merry Christmas!” Yet, Die Hard gets grouped in as a Christmas movie, and Lethal Weapon doesn’t. So if Lethal Weapon isn’t a X-Mas movie, neither is Die Hard.

Chinmay Vaidya - Deputy Sports Editor

The idea of what makes a “Christmas” movie is quite vague really, but the most obvious rule is that it must take place at or around Christmas. Die Hard fits that timeline, so any other argument about how it has nothing to do with the holidays or holiday spirit doesn’t really matter. Die Hard might not be a traditional “Christmas” movie, but it is a Christmas movie.

Murjani Rawls - Pop Culture Editor

There are two questions you can always count on being asked. One is what came first, the chicken or the egg? The other is if Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Every time I ruminate on this question, I go back and forth. No gesture captures the Christmas spirit better than saving your wife, and innocent bystanders from terrorists hunkered down in a high-rise building during the holiday. It’s snowing. It has Carl Winslow. I’ll allow it.

David Fucillo - Head of Sports Betting Content

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Chet Gresham - Deputy NFL Editor

I don’t have strict rules for what movies people consider Christmas movies, as I think anything can be a Christmas movie if it is part of your tradition during the holiday season. But, saying that, I don’t like to Die Hard because it’s cheesy 80’s schlock, but hey, to each her own.