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Reignmakers Market Report for August 29: Geno Smith Rising, James Cook Falling

Bill Monighetti breaks down the latest DraftKings Reignmakers Marketplace risers and fallers.

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This article originally appeared on Lucky Trader: Reignmakers Market Report | August 29

Here’s a look at the top risers and fallers in the DraftKings Reignmakers Marketplace over the weekend:

Top Risers: Core Tier

  • Geno Smith (+$10.90, 114%)
  • Travis Kelce (+$10.45, 36%)
  • Joe Burrow (+$6.63, 27%)
  • Alvin Kamara (+$5.33, 27%)
  • Kyle Pitts (+$4.87, 34%)

Top Fallers: Core Tier

  • Stefon Diggs (-$3.62, 8%)
  • D’Andre Swift (-$2.75, 14%)
  • Kyler Murray (-$2.58, 10%)
  • James Cook (-$2.00, 40%)
  • Davante Adams (-$1.83, 8%)


Geno Smith was the top riser over the weekend after he was named the Seahawks’ starting quarterback heading into Week 1 by head coach Pete Carroll on Saturday. Interestingly enough, Geno is currently the 11th-most expensive quarterback on the Reignmakers secondary market, but that is because his player card supply is much more limited than most other Week 1 starters. Baker Mayfield, for example, has about four times more Core-tier cards in production than Smith at the moment.

Moving past Geno, the rest of the top risers consist of some of the game’s top players who avoided the “SuperStar” designation, including Kelce, Burrow, Kamara and Pitts. These players are valuable when it comes to lineup construction as each lineup can only contain one “SuperStar” player.

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Diggs is another one of these “non-SuperStar” elite players, and while his floor price has moved down since Friday, it is still up significantly from one week ago. Collectors are likely dinging Adams due to his SuperStar designation, as the ex-Packer’s floor price fell a couple of dollars over the weekend. Bills rookie running back James Cook was a buzzy name earlier in the offseason, but that has been fading more recently as Zack Moss has been gaining steam in training camp, prompting plugged-in Athletic reporter Joe Buscaglia to predict a “muddy three-person committee” that also includes Devin Singletary at the position in Buffalo.

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*data retrieved at 7:10 a.m. ET.

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