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Tom Sachs x NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe: Sneaker Release Date, Price, Where To Buy

Andy Silva breaks down the release details for the Tom Sachs x NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe set for release on Friday, June 10.

Tom Sachs and Nike are back with their latest collaboration, the NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe, set to release on Friday.

It’s not often that you’ll see a brand and collaborator call its own shoe boring, but that is exactly what is happening here. This model, which appears to take at least some inspiration from the Killshot, is a shoe meant to be simplicity personified. Nike notes that the General Purpose Shoe’s build and materials have been “chosen to provide comfort, support and a high degree of tactile sensation in a well-priced product.” The Swoosh says the shoe is built to be breathable, but also offer some water resistance. It will also feature the now customary for Sachs straps to help aid with putting them on. The model is expected to release in multiple colorways.

All in all, the NikeCraft website calls the GPS a “do-more sneaker,” noting that, ”they do their job so you can do yours. You put them on and forget about them.”

However, a Nike collaboration with Sachs is unlikely to be forgotten about. Sachs’ “Mars Yard” and “Mars Yard 2.0” are arguably among the most popular collaborations of all-time. Sachs literally designed the shoes with rocket scientists in mind, a nod to his interest in space and space travel. The 1.0 even debuted alongside the artist’s “Space Program 2.0: Mars” exhibition in NYC in 2012. The shoes were popular, but there were some issues with material build, so Sachs and Nike released the 2.0 in 2017, basically the same shoe but in stronger, more premium materials. This too became a hit and showed that public appetite remained high for the model. Will the General Purpose Shoe find a similar audience? We’ll find out on June 10!

Tom Sachs x NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe Release Details

Sneaker Release Date Retail Price
Sneaker Release Date Retail Price
Tom Sachs x NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe June 10 $110

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