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Best sportsbooks in Las Vegas for Super Bowl 58

The only place better to be than at the game in Las Vegas is in the book watching it. Here’s where to get a great view, as well as some excellent food and drink with your wagering.

Circa Resort & Casino Media Tour Ahead Of Grand Opening

Tickets for Super Bowl 58 in Las Vegas are the most expensive they’ve ever been for the final game of the NFL season. And if you’re in Las Vegas, maybe you don’t want to drop five figures to see a bunch of ants in uniforms hundreds of feet below you just to say you were in the building.

Fortunately for those in Southern Nevada, it is home to the world’s largest concentration of fantastic sportsbooks. Places where you can watch the game with all the creature comforts of home, as well as wager on the outcome while dining and drinking in style.

Nevada’s first sportsbook opened in 1949, but the early operators were taxed out of profitability by the federal government in 1951. It wasn’t until 1974 that a reduction in that tax made Nevada books what they are today: The largest brokers of information and market makers on sporting events across the world in one place.

They’re also a helluva lot of fun whether you’re living and dying with your team, or merely the under.

Here’s our guide to the best sportsbooks in Sin City (at least until DraftKings builds one).

Best sportsbooks in Las Vegas

Circa Las Vegas

Owner Derek Stevens built a sports fans paradise, and if you can’t attend a game you want to watch in person, there’s simply no better place on the planet to be than here.

The food is excellent, and you can order from any of the restaurants on the property as well. The service is fast, and they’ll give you a free drink ticket for every $200 you bet. But what makes Circa special is that it’s a sports bettors paradise: They offer lines on everything you can imagine, and if they don’t have what you’d like, just ask at the window. And for the lucky 1,000 people or so that can see the screens, it’s the closest you can get to being at the game in terms of atmosphere.

And more than anything, the vibe is what’s made Circa the best book in Vegas. It’s very much worth the trip downtown, and make sure to sneak upstairs to the Stadium Swim pool as well. They’ve got betting kiosks, plenty of heated water, and the largest video screen in Nevada. It’s also where the VSiN studios are located and you can watch as live broadcasts are happening through a window in the main Sportsbook area.

Westgate Superbook

Still known as the Las Vegas Hilton to many a senior citizen local, this off-strip shop holds a special place in the hearts of old-school sports bettors. Back in the day, you could get a bet down on a horse race or boxing bout, then go see Elvis perform in the main room, and head back to cash your ticket after the show.

Now under the Westgate brand, the Superbook still offers more Super Bowl props than any other book in the world. The 180-degree screens in front of the room are massive, and a mere $50 bet will get you a drink ticket. But while the food options are plentiful, you wouldn’t call them fancy.

With Lefty Rosenthal’s Stardust long closed, the Westgate is for those looking to enjoy the game with a bit of a throwback vibe. The game is what matters here, not the luxury. Also seeking out some of the guys in tracksuits and asking for their betting advice might not be the worst idea.


You’ll want to get with management before heading over, as the couches that seat 3-4 folks most often fill up quickly. But they all come with plugs for your devices, fantastic waitress service, and plenty of things to do such as shuffleboard and billiards if you need a break from sweating the action.

Cosmo gives a vibe like no other location on The Strip, an elegance served with a knowing wink. While this certainly isn’t the biggest book, if you’re going with a group and can get a reservation it’s perhaps the most luxurious spot to watch a game in LV. Drink tickets run between $200-$300 wagered, and if that’s a bit out of your bankroll, this might not be the spot for you on this day.

Other great Las Vegas sportsbooks


Can be tough to get a seat, and the angle of the TVs is a bit high unless you’re sitting in a VIP section. But the chairs are abnormally comfy, the drink tickets are $200 per wager, and the waitress and food service are great. And the customer service throughout the Wynn is some of the best in Las Vegas.

If this place was bigger, it might be the best spot on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Yahoo Sportsbook at Venetian

I haven’t had a chance to get to the newly refreshed book, and won’t see it until March, unfortunately. But people have said it’s very comfortable and a fun place to watch a game. This is good because I pulled out of a poker tournament next door while in line to pay the entry fee due to the absurd construction noise while it was being built.

There are kiosks and a bar that’s open 24/7, and you can order from Black Tap Burgers down the hall from your seat. There’s also 1,700 square feet of LED screen, and exclusive VIP fan caves as well. We’ll update the full review after checking out plenty of college basketball from here in March.


Another one I can’t wait to get to during my annual month-long visit in March. The sharps are raving about this new local spot right off The 215, with 205 seats available and 4200 square feet of LED screen. The videos look fantastic, as does the food, and we’ve heard they take decent limits as well.

The attached area is known as The George, with both indoor and outdoor places to watch games and potentially play them too.

Good Las Vegas sportsbooks... with limitations

Caesars Palace

Very nice, but can be a pain to get to as Caesars Palace is under construction more than Las Vegas Boulevard before an F1 race. If it wasn’t so terribly located, would be higher on this list. Also, it’s quite dark in the room and far from the exits, so don’t expect to see any natural light.

Mirage/Hard Rock

Points for size and amount of bets offered by MGM are here. But deductions for very, very spotty waitress service (I’ve gone over an hour without a drink more than once, and yes I tip for every Diet Coke) and weirdly for some rather dim screens to watch the games.

But if you need a seat at the last minute for a big game, it might be your best bet just due to the size of the joint.


Not a ton of seating, but what is there is comfortable, and the staff is good. Also, a great place to overhear bad beat stories in the bathroom from the poker players next door. That isn’t a positive.

Moneyline at Park MGM

More of a restaurant than a book, but it does have plenty of seating. The problem is the food simply isn’t good, which is such a shame as Best Friend is just a few doors down and has some of the best eats on Las Vegas Boulevard. And with delights such as Eataly and Crack Shack walkable as well, there’s no excuse for this lame menu.

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