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Reignmakers PGA TOUR: What users need to know about 2024 Weekly Showdown Contests

Reignmakers is officially releasing PGA TOUR Showdowns in 2024 beginning with the Waste Management Phoenix Open!

Reignmakers PGA TOUR is officially releasing PGA TOUR Showdowns in 2024!

Similar to UFC event packs, Reignmakers PGA TOUR Showdown packs will be sold weekly containing cards playable only in that week’s contests. These cards are not playable in Classic mode contests, but instead in a Friday and Sunday Showdown contest with over $100K in prizing!

Showdown contests are played in individual rounds of a given event, using single-use Showdown Set cards. The roster format for Showdown contests includes a Captain (will score 1.5X fantasy points) and four (4) additional eligible golfers. All eligible golfers from a Showdown event will be able to be drafted in any Golfer position and each golfer may only be drafted 1X per entry. Buying Showdown packs will be the ONLY way to pull Hybrid cards playable in both Classic & Showdown contests!

The Captain position may only be filled with a PGA TOUR player card with a rarity level equal to or higher than the rarity level associated with the contest. For example, in a Rare level contest, a participant may only play a card in the Captain position if it has a rarity level of Rare, Elite, Legendary, or Reignmaker.

The Waste Management Open from February 8-11 in Scottsdale, Ariz. at TPC Scottsdale will kick off our Showdown contests. Here is a breakdown of the drop details:

Drop Details

Event Initial Price Drop Start Time (public) + End Time Waiting Room/Queue (opens 30 mins prior to drop start) Public Purchase Limits Pack Summary
Event Initial Price Drop Start Time (public) + End Time Waiting Room/Queue (opens 30 mins prior to drop start) Public Purchase Limits Pack Summary
Waste Managment Phoenix Open $34.99 Start: 2/6 (Tue), 3:00 p.m. ET; End: 2/11 (Sun) at start of Round 4 lock Yes Initial: 2; After 5pm ET, 2/6 (Tue): 5; After 7pm ET, 2/6 (Tue): 10 6-cards; RARE only; Includes every golfer in the event; Only way to pull Hybrid cards; Over $100K in prizing between Fri and Sun contests

Make Good Policy

Any golfer who is scratched or opts out from their scheduled tournament will have their Showdown Set golfer game card updated with a “Scratched” attribute. Cards will be considered Scratched if the corresponding golfer withdrew prior to their Round 1 tee time.

Showdown Pack recipes will be offered each week exclusively for holders of “Scratched” golfer game (on a first-come, first-served basis):

Trade-In 6 cards for 1 Pack - 100 per tournament

Alternatively, customers may choose to hold their Scratched golfer cards for entry into the annual Scratched Golfer Make-Good DFS contest (held in September). A trade-in recipe will be offered a week in advance of each contest paying out 1:1 in contest tickets (max 150 entries) Payout for this contest will be cumulative: $1000 per tournament this Showdown format is offered

Stay tuned to for more information about future weekly Showdown contests throughout the season.

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