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Overall fantasy football rankings for 2024 NFL Best Ball leagues

Super Bowl 58 is in the books and it’s time for 2024 best ball rankings. We go over the top overall list of players for fantasy football.

Wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. #18 of the Ohio State Buckeyes warms up on the sidelines during a college football game against the Rutgers Scarlet Knights at SHI Stadium on November 4, 2023 in Piscataway, New Jersey. Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The Super Bowl is over and the Kansas City Chiefs have once again come out on top over the San Francisco 49ers. The bad news is that we have to wait a long time for NFL football to start back up, but the good news is that we can start drafting best ball leagues today!

The 2024 season is a clean slate for our fantasy football takes and we will once again overcompensate for mistakes we made and double-down on mistakes we got away with. There is no secret equation to build the best best ball team, but there are plenty of theories. We won’t get deep into those here, but stacking quarterbacks and pass catchers remains a strong way to maximize your fantasy points. Oh, and checking out your crystal ball so you don’t pick any players that get injured.

2024 best ball rankings: Top 325 players

The main questions when looking at drafting fantasy teams this early are who will drop off statistically as they get older and are squeezed out of touching the ball, what big free agency moves may impact fantasy, and which rookies will be worth drafting before we know what teams they will be headed to?

This year we can probably feel okay about drafting the Top 3 rookie QBs, as they will all start from day one. Caleb Williams, Drake Maye and Jayden Daniels aren’t going to sit a year if they go 1-2-3 like many predict. The same can be said for the top wide receivers. Marvin Harrison likely becomes a team’s No. 1 receiver out of the gate, I’m looking at you Arizona. It gets dicier the further you go down the prospect list, but we’re in a league that now covets that rookie production. The Chiefs just won the Super Bowl in part because their top wide receiver pick was able to play himself into that No. 1 WR position on the team.

And yes, it is too early to pick a team while also having full knowledge of who is playing for who, but that’s a big part of what makes drafting this early fun. If you can predict where big named free agents end up along with the top rookies, while also hitting on ascending players, you’re way ahead of the curve.