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Taylor Swift chugs a beer at the Super Bowl to mixed results

Taylor’s Version of a Vegas chug isn’t as good as most of her tracks.

Recording artist Taylor Swift reacts during the first quarter of Super Bowl LVIII between Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers at Allegiant Stadium. Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The breathless and almost constant coverage of Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl can be a bit much. But the World’s Biggest Celebrity is just cheering on her boyfriend at the biggest football game in the world, so we’re fine with her being there. It’s totally fine people. It’s not ruining your NFL I promise.

But what isn’t fine is her ability to chug a beer on command. While this happened during a media timeout, and thus wasn’t show on the CBS broadcast, Taylor did chug a beer in front of the 70,000-plus fans at Allegiant Stadium in the second quarter. And her technique was more Tate McCrae than Taylor’s Version to be honest.

While we love the spike of the cup at the end, you can tell the iconic pop star didn’t go to college. And while moving to Nashville at 14 to pursue her songwriting dreams was clearly the correct career choice, some years in a dorm might have helped her get that brew down the hatch a bit faster.

And Swift might need a few more pops in her if this result holds, as her beau Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs trail the San Francisco 49ers 10-0 with 4:23 remaining in the second quarter.