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The Super Bowl Doink cam, explained

CBS Sports is introducing the “Doink cam” to the world on Super Bowl Sunday.

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An NFL television broadcast includes numerous cameras around the field, and it’s no surprise the league and its television partner, CBS, will be going all-out for Super Bowl 58. The broadcast will feature 165 total cameras featured across an array of CBS Sports’ presentation of the game on CBS Television Network, Paramount+, NFL+, and Nickelodeon.

CBS runs through the full list of cameras at their press website, but the most interesting has to be the “Doink” cameras. The game will feature six small 4K cameras inserted into the upright cutouts. They will provide high resolution zoom capability and will be able to show super slow-motion replays when a field goal or extra point attempt bounces off the upright.

If you’re a football fan, you’ve probably heard the unmistakable sound of the “doink” when a field goal bounces off the upright. If you’ve never heard it before, below is a 16-minute compilation of kickers booting attempts off uprights. If you can’t view it below, you can view it at YouTube.

Here’s a look at two doink cams inside an upright, courtesy of Paramount Express. You should also head over to The Athletic to read as in-depth a piece as you’ll find about the “Doink” cameras and how they came into being at CBS Sports.

If you’re interested in betting on the doink, DraftKings Sportsbook is offering +700 odds that a kick goes off the upright.