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Ken Jeong returns from cryogenic freezing in Popeyes Super Bowl commercial

Ken Jeong is learning all about new technologies ... and chicken wings in the Popeyes Super Bowl commercial

Popeyes is running its first ever Super Bowl commercial on Sunday and they’ll be featuring Ken Jeong returning after being cryogenically frozen!

Jeong, or “Howie” as the ad shows”, was frozen in 1972 and apparently the instructions for un-freezing him was once there were better chicken wings available. It follows with the usual “fish out of water” scenario showing “Howie” trying out and being freaked out by a whole host of things developed after he was frozen. My favorite might be all the drones bringing him boxes of wings.

While the 60 second ad is promoting their chicken wings, it likely required a bit of an adjustment from their previous teaser. Earlier in the playoffs, Popeyes released a 30 second spot promoting a Wings for Wings deal. If a team with wings in their name, logo, or mascot won the Super Bowl, Popeyes would give away free 6 piece wings with any online or in app purchase in the two days following the Super Bowl. The Baltimore Ravens and Philadelphia Eagles were the relevant teams for this promo, but they lost in the AFC Championship and NFC Wild Card round, respectively.

Popeyes ‘Wings for Wings’ Super Bowl 58 commercial + teaser

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