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Kris Jenner goes back to the beginning in Oreo Super Bowl 58 commercial

Oreo will air an ad during Super Bowl 58 which will feature Kris Jenner.

Having a commercial during the Super Bowl costs companies a pretty penny, but also comes with a lot of pressure. With everyone bringing their A-game, the best and worst commercials are equally remembered. In an attempt to generate hype, companies will release teasers with their full commercial dropping during the Super Bowl.

Oreo will have a Super Bowl commercial featuring Kris Jenner. The teaser doesn’t really give us any insight into what to expect from the full commercial. Jenner mentions having to go back to the beginning when asked, “how did you get here.” She jokingly says she better go warn the kids, and “it all starts with a twist” is put on screen. The direction of this teaser is ambiguous, but will there be a few more familiar Kardashian faces popping up during the full version on game day? Check out the teaser and commercial videos below!

OREO: Kris Jenner Super Bowl 58 teaser + commercial

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