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DraftKings Reignmakers UFC: Everything New Players Need to Know for 2024

New to Reignmakers UFC? Here’s where you can learn what you need to know to get in on the action in 2024.

Looking to start your Reignmakers UFC collection and start competing for up to over $13 million in prizing throughout 2024? You’ve come to the right place.

This article lays out all the info Reignmakers UFC beginners need to know. Here’s what will be broken down:

  • What is Reignmakers UFC and how to get started
  • Headline Sets vs. Event Sets
  • Trade-In Recipes
  • Achievements and Franchise Score
  • Additional resources

Let’s get into the details.

What is Reignmakers UFC and how to get started

Fantasy gaming meets digital card collecting in the octagon!

Reignmakers UFC players build collections of digital fighter game cards that’ve been officially licensed by UFC and utilize those cards in weekly fantasy UFC contests throughout the UFC event schedule.

Much like DFS Contests, athletes accrue points based on their statistical performance in each event they compete in. However, Reignmakers UFC players can only play digital fighter cards that they own and that have been deemed eligible for the contest in which they’ve entered.

In addition to utilizing cards to win prizes in contests, these digital fighter cards can be:

  • Bought & sold at any time on DraftKings Marketplace
  • Retained over time to build up a holder’s Franchise Score and earn rewards.

Headline Sets vs. Event Sets

There will be three Headline Sets throughout 2024 (Walkout, Glove Touch or Collide). Throughout the year, 2+ fighter game cards from any of the Headline Sets will be required to participate in all non-cash contests.

Headline Set cards are the only way to get Franchise Score points for CORE and RARE cards. Once a fighter is dropped in a Headline Set, it will not be included in any of the following Headline Sets.

As for Event Sets, a new one will be created for each Fight Night and Pay-Per-View event. Those cards will only be playable in the events they specifically apply to, unless a fight or fighter is scratched after the pack has dropped. (Go here for more on the 2024 Scratched Fighter Policy.)

Trade-In Recipes

Trade-In recipes are another way for players to acquire fighter game cards. Recipes require players to input specified collectibles in order to receive the output of the specified reward.

Some recipes require a Trade-In token, which are DraftKings’ unique type of collectible exclusive to Reignmakers. Trade-In tokens are only eligible for use at their assigned rarity tier.

Achievements and Franchise Score Programs

Achievements is the Reignmakers rewards program that allows players to acquire prizing by accomplishing specific challenges throughout the season.

Franchise Score is the Reignmakers rewards program that allows players to compete for prizing by growing and maintaining their collection — rather than performance within the octagon.

Go here for more on what’s happening with these rewards programs in 2024.

Resources & Links

Reignmakers UFC Sets - go here for more details on all the Reignmakers UFC sets dropping throughout 2024.

Reignmakers UFC Franchise Score LP - go here for more information on Reignmakers UFC Franchise Score.

Reignmakers UFC How To Play - go here for more on how to play Reignmakers UFC, including:

  • Scoring
  • Contest Types
  • Contest rarity tiers
  • …and more!

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