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Reignmakers Trade-In Token Updates that Players Need to Know for 2024

Reignmakers Trade-In Token Updates that Players Need to Know for 2024

With the calendar flipping over to 2024, some updates are coming to the Trade-In process for all Reignmakers sports.


In 2023, the trade-in feature was launched to enhance the Reignmakers ecosystem as a new way to acquire cards, refresh lineups and, quite literally, trade in cards for new rewards! In 2023, there were over one million cards traded in across all rarity tiers!

In 2024, the focus is on improving the Trade-In process.

First, players can expect recipes across the three sports on a more consistent basis. Each sport will have monthly communications via DK Network and occasional weekly reminders. Players should also check the Trade-In portal each week for the up-to-date and most accurate information.

Second, recipes will have more variety. Players can expect variety with inputs and outputs, such as curated player reward pools, recipes curated to support pack drops and sets, recipes with DFS tickets as rewards, and possibly more as the season progresses!

Lastly, it’s important to note there’s a change coming in 2025 to benefit the Trade-In ecosystem. When trading in 2024 tokens for 2025 tokens, the token will be non-sellable on the secondary market. This change will bolster the Trade-In economy to ensure equal value across recipe completion, as well as a better distribution of tokens.

2024 Token Prices

Changes are being made to supply and prices for 2024 to benefit the ecosystem. If the 2024 price of the Trade-In token has changed compared to the 2023 sale price, the recipe will reflect the ratio needed to ensure players do not lose token value. For example, if a player has one (1) 2023 token with a primary market price of $100 in 2023, and the 2024 token price is $50, then the holder will receive two (2) 2024 tokens when trading in their 2023 token.

In 2024, Trade-In tokens’ primary purpose will be to enhance the Reignmakers gameplay experience. The team is excited to grow and expand the trade-in economy, and we look forward to offering recipes across all three sports for packs, cards, DFS tickets, DK Dollars, DK Crowns, and more!

2024 Tokens Sellable on Secondary Market

2024 Trade-In tokens will be sellable on the secondary market.

However, when it’s time to trade in 2024 tokens for a 2025 token, the 2025 token will not be resellable on the secondary marketplace. This applies to all rarities and Reignmakers sports.

2023 Token Value

2023 Tokens across all sports and rarities will not be eligible for use for 2024 recipes. Holders of 2023 tokens must trade-in their 2023 tokens for 2024 tokens through respective trade-in recipes.

Monthly Token Sales

Throughout 2024, there will be monthly new Trade-In token sales to market.

New token sales will be dependent on supply and demand in upcoming recipes. DraftKings has the right to add more tokens to the Trade-In token economy as needed.

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