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Ranking the final 4 quarterbacks in the 2024 NFL Playoffs

We rank the Conference Championship QBs who remains in the 2024 NFL Playoffs

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The path to Super Bowl LVIII has been narrowed down to just four teams with the conclusion of this weekend’s Divisional Round matchups. The Ravens beat the Texans while the Chiefs beat the Bills, and the two will meet in Baltimore for the AFC Championship on Sunday, January 28. In the NFC, the Lions defeated the Buccaneers and the 49ers eked one out over the Packers, and we will see the two meet in Santa Clara on Sunday evening.

Here, we take a look at the four quarterbacks remaining in the 2024 NFL playoffs. Our power rankings are based specifically on each QB’s performance this season.

2024 NFL Playoffs: Final 4 QB Power Rankings

4. Brock Purdy

3. Jared Goff

2. Patrick Mahomes

1. Lamar Jackson

This 1-2 listing may be a controversial one, and will likely be a highly debated topic as the two elite QBs prepare to meet head-to-head in the AFC Championship Game. However, Jackson is the No. 1 choice for us this season, with Mahomes coming in as more of a No. 1a than a No. 2. The two are neck-and-neck, but Mahomes has been somewhat hampered by other offensive shortcomings this season.

Mahomes threw 14 interceptions during the regular season in comparison to Jackson’s seven and rushed for zero touchdowns in comparison to Jackson’s five scores on the ground. Mahomes had three more passing TDs than Jackson in the regular season, and the two had identical completion percentages of 67.2%. With the 2023 season as our reference point, Jackson is our top pick (and the favorite to win this year’s MVP award at DraftKings Sportsbook).

Goff lands ahead of Purdy here at No. 3, though, the two also had similar statistical seasons. Goff had one less passing touchdown and one more interception than Purdy during the regular season but threw for almost 300 more yards than the former Mr. Irrelevant. Goff’s clutch performances in the postseason thus far pushed him ahead of Purdy here, as did his strong performances against top-10 defenses during the regular season.

The space between the top two and the bottom two quarterbacks on this list is further than the physical spacing above may imply, but one QB from each group will be headed to the Super Bowl by the end of next weekend.