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‘47 Fall New Arrivals and MORE Special Offers on The DraftKings Shop

Head to the DraftKings Shop for unique merchandise and limited time offers!

It’s the first week of the NFL season, which means it’s the perfect time for some sales on the DraftKings Shop! From headwear, to accessories, to brand collabs, we’ve got all the merch you could ever want!

‘47 Fall New Arrivals

New additions to the ‘47 collection on the DraftKings Shop dropped TODAY, September 6. Head over to the DK Shop to check them out.

Featured Collections

The following collections are featured this month on the DraftKings Shop:

Don’t miss out on these special offers! Stock up on the latest gear and let everyone know that you’re playing to win this year. Head to our website now to explore the complete collection and take advantage of these jaw-dropping deals.