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Canelo vs. Charlo: Live updates, Canelo wins by unanimous decision over Charlo

We break down pre-fight odds, provide round-by-round analysis, and get you the eventual result for Canelo Alvarez-Jermell Charlo.

Canelo Alvarez v Jermell Charlo - Weigh-in Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Official result: Canelo Alvarez wins by unanimous decision (119-108, 118-109, 118-109) over Jermell Charlo

Live updates 11:52 p.m.: Canelo and Charlo are both in the ring, we are minutes away from the main event!

A highly anticipated fight between two of the best middleweights in boxing takes place this Saturday, September 30. Canelo Alvarez (59-2-2, 35 KOs) and Jermell Charlo (35-1, 19 KOs) will face-off at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas for the undisputed super middleweight championship. Canelo-Charlo will air on Showtime PPV, with coverage starting at 8 p.m. ET. Main event ring-walks are projected for sometime after 11 p.m. ET.

Canelo is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, looking to successfully defend his WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO super middleweight titles for a fourth time. In his last fight he outlasted John Ryder and walked away with an unanimous decision victory.

Charlo currently holds the WBA, WBO, WBC, and IBF light middleweight titles. He defeated Brian Castano by way of tenth-round knockout in May 2022, collecting the WBO belt and cementing his status as undisputed light middleweight champion of the world.

Canelo comes into the bout as the favorite at DraftKings Sportsbook. He is a -425 favorite while Charlo is a +310 underdog. The favored method of victory is Canelo by decision (-110).

Check down below as on fight night we’ll have live updates and the eventual result.

Canelo Alvarez vs. Jermell Charlo round-by-round results

Round 1: Canelo 10-9

Patient start for both, feel out process. Not many punches thrown in the first minute. Canelo swings a wild left hook to the body that misses. Crowd booing neither looking to punch. Canelo cuts off the ring and lands a left to the body. Canelo the more aggressor enough to take the round.

Round 2: Canelo 10-9 (Canelo 20-18)

Canelo springs a right that is partially blocked by Charlo. Left to the body for both. Two semi-headlocks from Canelo. Two rights upstairs for Canelo. Canelo pouring it on as a right to Charlo’s body pauses him.

Round 3: Canelo 10-9 (Canelo 30-27)

Charlo staying away from Canelo. Canelo pressing Charlo against the ropes and controlling the fight. Left hook upstairs lands for Canelo followed by work to the body. Charlo not enough offense. All Canelo so far.

Round 4: Canelo 10-9 (Canelo 40-36)

The two trade left hooks, yet Canelo with more power. Nice right hand from Canelo that draws some ahhs from the crowd. Just when Charlo showed some life, Canelo counters and hits the body.

Round 5: Canelo 10-9 (Canelo 50-45)

Left hook upstairs from Canelo. Charlo avoiding significant hits but not throwing enough to land back. Charlo with his best one-two of the night. Canelo still one step ahead though.

Round 6: Canelo 10-9 (Canelo 60-54)

Canelo continues to walk down Charlo, but not landing as much. Slower offense from Canelo and Charlo once again avoiding a big-time hit. Canelo being more aggressive and doing enough to take the round.

Round 7: Canelo 10-8 (Canelo 70-62)

Canelo on the attack and a big-time RIGHT stuns Charlo. Down goes Charlo on a knee! Charlo hits back with a left after getting back on his feet. Yet another right from Canelo. All Canelo this round, big momentum shift.

Round 8: Canelo 10-9 (Canelo 80-71)

Canelo begins with another big time shot. Double jab from Charlo lands up top. Left hook from Canelo lands. Charlo limiting his offense in fear of a Canelo counter.

Round 9: Canelo 10-9 (Canelo 90-80)

Nice combo from Charlo. Right uppercut from Canelo. Overhand right blocked by Charlo. Canelo keeping his foot on the gas and slowing down Charlo.

Round 10: Canelo 10-9 (Canelo 100-89)

Canelo stalking Charlo time and time again. Heavy right hand from Canelo. Charlo lands a nice right of his own on the button. Canelo not slowing down and shakes off the Charlo punch. He’s in another zone right now and Charlo needs a knockout to steal a win at this point.

Round 11: Canelo 10-9 (Canelo 110-98)

Solid defense from both as each fighter beginning to slow down. Not much from either, but Canelo is firmly ahead. Charlo needs a last ditch power shot to gain momentum as round 12 approaches.

Round 12: Canelo 10-9 (Canelo 120-107)

Jab from Charlo. Canelo trying to close it in KO fashion as Charlo continues to avoid shots. Momentarily a bear hug in the middle of the ring. Charlo and Canelo go the distance, with a likely UD win on tap for Canelo Alvarez!