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Ryder Cup location 2023: What to know about Marco Simone Golf Club in Rome

We take a hole-by-hole look at Marco Simone ahead of the 2023 Ryder Cup.

2023 Ryder Cup - Previews Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

The Ryder Cup tees off this week from Marco Simone Golf & Country Club just outside Rome, Italy. The Cup, which features three days of match play in various formats, will run from Friday, September 29 through Sunday, October 1. The Americans are the reigning champions and the favorites to win, set at -110 to the European team’s +115 at DraftKings Sportsbook.

Here we will take a look at the Marco Simone Golf Course in a hole-by-hole breakdown. Just on the outskirts of Rome, the course has several water features as well as thick native grasses that may mire shanked tee shots. The course opened in 1991, and was redesigned in 2018 with assistance from Tom Fazio II, the son of the original architect, in preparation for this Ryder Cup.

1st Hole

Distance: 445 yards
Par: 4

The round begins going uphill and with a challenge. Golfers have to fit their opening drive between bunkers to the left and right on the fairway. The rolling green is angled over a bunker.

2nd Hole

Distance: 476 yards
Par: 4

Golfers will need to drive long over a bunker smack in the middle of the fairway on this hole. The falloff around the green will force the players to choose their approach shots carefully.

3rd Hole

Distance: 453 yards
Par: 4

This opens with a blind drive to a narrow piece of fairway surrounded by the course’s signature native grasses that will quickly punish shanked tee shots.

4th Hole

Distance: 183 yards
Par: 3

This short par-3 plays downhill with a two-leveled putting surface.

5th Hole

Distance: 376 yards
Par: 4

A water feature sits along the side of the fifth hole that will likely force golfers to lay up when driving. The putting surface is wide, and two bunkers sit directly behind it.

6th Hole

Distance: 383 yards
Par: 4

The sixth hole has a tree-lined fairway with a large bunker on the right in the driving area.

7th Hole

Distance: 219 yards
Par: 3

This par-3 has a massive green, and the contours on it will prove to be a challenge in match play. A bunker and embankment sit behind and to the right of the green.

8th Hole

Distance: 503 yards
Par: 5

Professionals can make this a long par-4, so long as their drive goes far enough to avoid a water feature directly in the tee shot’s path.

9th Hole

Distance: 587 yards
Par: 5

The green is heavily guarded by bunkers on both sides, and has a water feature off to the left that will punish any wild shots.

10th Hole

Distance: 455 yards
Par: 4

At 300 yards, the fairway is just 22 yards wide, and a stream lies off to the right just past the tough native grasses. The green here has a false front. This hole had 42 birdies and 144 bogeys or worse at the 2023 Italian Open.

11th Hole

Distance: 330 yards
Par: 4

This is a drivable par-4. From the tee, it’s about 300 yards uphill to the front of the green. A bunker sits to the left of the putting surface. We can expect to see some birdies at this location.

12th Hole

Distance: 554 yards
Par: 5

This long downhill dogleg features a two-tiered green guarded on the front end by several bunkers. This is a very drivable hole for professionals, so keep an eye out for birdies here.

13th Hole

Distance: 145 yards
Par: 3

This short par-3 will force accuracy as golfers drive to the green, with a hill sloping off to the left side of the putting surface.

14th Hole

Distance: 495 yards
Par: 4

This is a very long par-4 with a 500-yard dogleg that may push some tee shots into corner bunkers. The green is set on a hill with a deep bunker low to the right that would require some excellent chipping to escape. This is one of the most difficult holes on the course.

15th Hole

Distance: 478 yards
Par: 4

Golfers face more bunkers in the landing area of their tee shots on another long dogleg going back the other way here. The green is large and features several bunkers to the right.

16th Hole

Distance: 352 yards
Par: 4

The landing area for drives is littered with bunkers and several water features on this risky hole that will favor those who can hit the ball the furthest.

17th Hole

Distance: 206 yards
Par: 3

The green on the 17th is small, three-tiered, and very dangerous, surrounded by potential pitfalls. This hole requires precision and accuracy.

18th Hole

Distance: 626 yards
Par: 5

This hole features a downhill drive on a friendly fairway. The green is guarded from behind by a water feature.