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Deion Sanders thinks his son Shedeur will probably not enter 2024 NFL Draft

Coach Prime discusses his son’s NFL prospects for what would be either his rookie or senior season.

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Colorado Buffaloes quarterback Shedeur Sanders passes the ball against the Colorado State Rams during the first half at Folsom Field. Andrew Wevers-USA TODAY Sports

Deion Sanders certainly isn’t shy about discussing his son’s that play for the Colorado Buffaloes, going so far as to rank all of his children as to where they stand at home. But to this point he hadn’t gone really in-depth on discussing the rising NFL Draft prospects of his son Shedeur, his starting quarterback and one making quite the mark since joining a Power Five college.

But will he head to the NFL next year? His father seems to think perhaps not.

There’s plenty of good quotes from Sanders as per usual, but he says his son might not need to worry about the financial differences between college and the NFL. “Now with NIL, and who they are, shoot, you can make just as much money here as you can there.” And with his already-advantageous financial position, it’s possible Dad just might buy his son a new car to keep him around anyway.

Prime references Caleb Williams and his current status as the projected No. 1 overall pick next year, and the fact Sanders might want to hold out and potentially wait another season before making the leap.

“Shedeur don’t want to be two to nobody. He don’t get down like that. So you know people projecting him behind Caleb Williams. Caleb Williams is phenomenal, but Shedeur ain’t no backseat rider. He drive his Maybach, he don’t have a driver in it, he drives it.”

We’ll see what happens, but Sanders continues to fly up 2024 Draft boards anyway.