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Victor Timely is not your usual Kang variant

While the character is looking to pop up in ‘Loki’ season two, he’s important to how things might unravel in the multiversal story

Marvel Studios

As Marvel Studios prepares to release Loki Season 2 on Oct. 6, audiences will once again revisit the God of Mischief, the Time Variance Authority (TVA), and everyone’s favorite TVA agent, Mobius (portrayed by Owen Wilson). Additionally, more than a few new faces will be added to the ensemble cast, including the character Victor Timely, played by Jonathan Majors.

If you happen to say past the end credits for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, you’ll remember the debut of this Kang variant, albeit for a few moments. But who exactly is he, and how much of a threat will he be to the MCU moving forward?

Here’s a rundown of Victor Timely and why he will play a pivotal role in Loki Season 2 and the larger MCU.

Who is Victor Timely?

Marvel Comics

Like so many Marvel heroes and villains, Victor Timely’s comics origin stems from an encounter with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. In the original Marvel lore, Kang the Conqueror time travels to Washington D.C. in the present day to take on The Avengers, where he’s eventually defeated. However, he decides to hatch another plan for domination by traveling further back to 1901 Wisconsin, where he takes on the alter-ego Victor Timely.

In establishing the town of Timely, he becomes its mayor and soon creates a company called Timely Industries. Its purpose is to make robotics and advanced technology to serve him in future uses. As he begins to amass weapons and resources over time, it coincides with his rise to power as he faces the soon-to-be Avengers in the present day.

Will he be adapted for the MCU?

As with so many classic Marvel heroes, villains, and storylines, Victor Timely’s arc could be tinkered with for Loki Season 2. In the second post-credit scene of Ant-Man Quantumania, it’s revealed that Timely is a mild-mannered inventor of sorts as Loki attempts to convince Mobius how dangerous of a threat he is, or rather, will be. So far, that’s all we are confirmed to know about Timely’s place in the current MCU.

What impact will he have on the MCU moving forward?

As the first Quantumania post-credit scene revealed, an infinite number of Kang variants across the multiverse will pose a massive threat to the MCU. While we know Loki and Mobius will go head-to-head with Timely, based on the Loki Season 2 trailer footage, it remains to be seen if Timely will appear beyond the Disney+ show.

Given his knowledge of and knack for creating futuristic weapons, there remains a possibility that he could make an appearance in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, which is currently slated for release in 2026.