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Asia Cup 2023 standings in group stage, Super 4

Here’s how the competition is shaping up.

Pakistan’s captain Babar Azam plays a shot during the Asia Cup 2023 cricket match between Pakistan and Nepal at the Multan Cricket Stadium in Multan on August 30, 2023.
Photo by ASIF HASSAN/AFP via Getty Images

The 2023 Asia Cup has gotten underway and will serve as a tune-up competition for the World Cup in October. This six-team ODI contest is split into two groups for the first stage, with each team playing the others in its group once. After this, the top two teams in each group will advance to the Super 4 stage. The four teams to advance to this stage will play each other once and the top two teams will advance to the final.

There’s one small wrinkle in the seeding for the stages. Pakistan and India are pre-seeded as A1 and A2, while Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are pre-seeded as B1 and B2. These seeds will only change if Nepal or Afghanistan advance to the Super 4. Basically, India and Bangladesh will remain A2 and B2 even if they finish at the top of their group. This is because the first Super 4 match between seeds A1 and B2 is scheduled to play in Lahore.

Group Stage

Group A

Pakistan, 1-0, 3 points (one no result)

India, 1-0, 3 points (one no result)

Nepal, 0-2, 0 points

Group B

Sri Lanka, 2-0, 4 points

Bangladesh, 1-1, 2 points

Afghanistan, 0-2, 0 points

Super 4

India, 2-1, 4 points

Sri Lanka, 2-1, 4 points

Pakistan, 1-2, 2 points

Bangladesh, 1-2, 2 points


India vs. Sri Lanka