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What’s in a number? Plus, we’re talking best NBA JERSEYS!!!

Amin Elhassan and Charlotte Wilder discuss players changing numbers as well as some of their favorite and least favorite NBA uniforms.

Amin Elhassan and Charlotte Wilder go inside the numbers on the latest episode of Oddball inspired by Anthony Edwards and LeBron James changing things up on their jerseys.

Edwards has said he will return to No. 5 next season in Minnesota, while LeBron has said that he will go back to No. 23 next season for the Lakers.

Amin points out that No. 5 was Edwards’ number in high school and college, but when he got to the NBA Malik Beasley already had that number and refused to give it up. Amin wants to take Charlotte’s temperature on players switching numbers while staying on the same team.

Charlotte says it all depends on the reason. For instance, LeBron is giving up No. 6 to honor the late Bill Russell, although Amin points out that LeBron initially said he was wearing No. 6 ,,, to honor Bill Russell. Anyways, glad to see the respect being paid to one of the all-time greats! As far as Edwards goes, Charlotte points out that he lost his mother and grandmother to cancer in the same year to cancer, with both dying on the fifth of the month. Plus, Edwards was born on August 5. So a hard one to argue with!

Aside from sentimental tributes, however, how does Amin feel about number swapping? “Just pick a number, pick a number.” When asked what his number would be, Amin says it would be 12, as Amin was born on the 12th, one of his kids was born on the 12th, his other kids were born on the 24th. Numerology, connecting dots! Charlotte says her number would be 18 as she always liked it and it means life in Hebrew.

The conversation then turned to the Suns’ new uniforms which were recently unveiled.

Noted Phoenix resident and former Suns employee Amin is ... not impressed. He thinks they’re too simple. He also finds them wanting when compared to his favorite jersey of all time, the Charles Barkley-era Suns uniform to which this new set is paying homage (author’s note: 1990s jerseys for the win! Bring back all the 90s NBA uniforms!). He notes the font was different, cool and futuristic and the jersey itself was such a design depature.

Charlotte likes those, but her absolute favorite is the rainbow Nuggets unis with the mountains and the Denver skyline. She also calls out the mid-aughts Nets jerseys for being so bad that they’re good. She also is here for the 76ers jerseys that just say Phila.

Meanwhile, Amin closes out with the hottest of hot takes — he likes the Gilbert Arenas-era Wizards gold jersey. For what it’s worth, Amin says they remind him of a soccer kit. Not one we hear shouted out much on the interwebs, but Amin has a message for Nike — STOP BEING COWARDS!!! Bring back the Gilbert Arenas gold jerseys!

Meanwhile, Amin and Charlotte get HYPED!!!


Righteous Oddballs

  • Those newly unveiled Phoenix Suns’ jerseys are... nice try, we’re saving it for the show! Amin & Charlotte take us through some of their favorite NBA jerseys over the years... and a few of the worst. It’s also Wednesday, so you know what that means... oh, you don’t? Well, it’s Word Count! Also, the producers force Amin & Charlotte to play a new segment they’re gonna love (because that’s the whole point of it) called, Hype Me Up!

Watch more below!


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