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So, how powerful is Blue Beetle exactly?

You might not know how powerful Blue Beetle really is in the land of heroes like Batman, Superman, and The Flash. Let’s look into it.

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While audiences are accustomed to DC Comics’ heavy hitter heroes such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, they’ll soon be introduced to a relatively new hero on the big screen. When Blue Beetle arrives in theaters on August 18, the film will adapt the origin story of Jaime Reyes, who headlines as the third Blue Beetle and a more recent addition to the DC Comics Universe.

Though we’ve seen a preview of what Blue Beetle can do, his powers reach far beyond enhanced strength and advanced tech. Here is the breakdown of precisely what Blue Beetle can do.

What are Blue Beetle’s powers?

After the scarab attaches to Jaime and forms a symbiotic relationship with him, it grants him a suit of armor with the ability to create nearly any weapon and tool he can imagine. Additionally, it enhances his physical skills and protects him from almost anything. Blue Beetle can survive extreme weather conditions, space, and all otherwise inhospitable environments for a human being.

With the suit’s enhancements, it can help serve as a universal translator to communicate with all others and a universal controller of almost all technology known to man. It also boasts the ability to absorb energy as a defense, and then redirect for offense in the form of blasts or shields.

Perhaps Blue Beetle’s most iconic superpower, which we’ve seen throughout the released trailers, is his ability to shape-shift. So long as he can think it, Blue Beetle can create swords, shields, energy cannons, and even wings and jet engines to grant him the ability to fly.

Brains and brawn

Given that the scarab has essentially bonded with Jaime to form a symbiotic relationship, one of Blue Beetle’s overlooked traits is his ability as a problem solver. Without any influence from the host individual, the scarab can adapt to fight any foe in any threatening situation. It automatically scans anyone Jaime encounters, providing him with valuable information so that he can use it when needed. In addition, the scarab communicates with Jaime telepathically.

Given this immense skill, Blue Beetle has gone toe to toe with other DC superheroes such as The Flash, Green Lantern, and even Superman.

Does he have any weaknesses?

Despite all Blue Beetle's powers, it doesn’t necessarily make him invincible against every threat. Given that his suit is made of Reach tech, any weapon made of similar material can easily penetrate Blue Beetle’s armor and threaten Jaime’s life. Additionally, the scarab is programmed to avoid harming anything natural, so if Blue Beetle were against Swamp Thing, it would place Jaime at an extreme disadvantage.

It’s also keen to note that although the scarab is a technological marvel, it does not boast the same level of understanding of magic. So if Blue Beetle were to face the likes of a sorcerer, the suit can sometimes panic and fail to respond, throwing Jaime into a conundrum.

Lastly, the scarab works unlike the Green Lantern ring, which partially depends on the host’s imagination. If the suit can’t think its way out of a problem, it’s up to Jaime to figure it out. The suit can do anything he asks, but he must be creative to make it happen.