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Victor Wembanyama’s most notable games on 2023-24 NBA schedule

We’ll highlight the biggest games for the No. 1 overall pick this season.

2023 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Victor Wembanyama, the top overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft, has plenty of pressure on his shoulders, as the teenager is widely regarded as the next all-time great in the sport. As he embarks on his rookie season, all eyes are on him, with fans eagerly waiting to see how he will perform on the NBA stage.

Entering the league as one of the tallest players in NBA history, Wembanyama is far from a traditional big man. This 19-year-old sensation from France brings with him a skill set that defies his size. With a shooting touch from distance and the dribbling skills of a guard, Wembanyama is drawing comparisons to a 7-4 version of Kevin Durant, complete with an astonishing 8-foot wingspan.

Wembanyama’s NBA Summer League performance was a roller coaster, marked by ups and downs. However, he made a significant statement in his final exhibition game, closing with a stellar 27 points, 12 rebounds, and 3 blocks against the Portland Trail Blazers.

The basketball world is keenly watching as he embarks on his first professional season.

October 25: Spurs vs. Dallas Mavericks

It’s reported that Wembanyama will make his NBA debut when the Spurs host the Mavericks in the first game of the 2023-24 season. Naturally, Wembanyama’s first regular season game was destined to be a spectacle, but the anticipation reaches new heights when considering that he will be squaring off against superstars like Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving.

November 11: Spurs at Oklahoma City Thunder

Future stars of the NBA will be taking center stage, as Wembanyama will lock horns with Chet Holmgren in a showdown that is poised to be one of the season’s most intriguing battles in the paint. It’s no surprise that TNT has already picked this game up on its broadcast schedule. Here’s to hoping both of these guys stay healthy when this matchup rolls around.

November 26: Spurs at Denver Nuggets

At this point, Wembanyama will have a month of real NBA games under his belt. His next big challenge: a head-to-head matchup with the league’s premier center Nikola Jokic.

But the test doesn’t stop there; the game will be on the road, where Wembanyama’s Spurs will play a Nuggets team that is favored to claim the Western Conference crown. It’s a daunting assignment for the young phenom.

December 13: Spurs vs. Los Angeles Lakers

Yes, pitting Wembanyama against LeBron James will be the draw for this mid-December clash, but it will also be interesting to see the teenager square off against Anthony Davis — as the two will likely guard each other for most of the game.

The Spurs will get a double dip of the Lakers, playing them on December 13 and 15 at home.

April 7: Spurs vs. Philadelphia 76ers

As the season nears its end, this matchup should be worth the wait, as Wembanyama will square off against the reigning NBA MVP Joel Embiid. Known for relishing confrontation and never one to back down, Embiid is likely eagerly anticipating this chance to assert his dominance over the promising rookie. This clash, poised to be a true battle of the big men, could very well mark the beginning of a rivalry between these two players.