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10 notable games on the 2023-24 NBA schedule

Here’s a look at the games that jump out as the league releases the schedule for the upcoming season.

Phoenix Suns Introduce Bradley Beal - Portraits Photo by Barry Gossage / NBAE via Getty Images

The 2023-24 NBA schedule was released on Thursday, and it’s packed with plenty of games to circle as “must-see TV” events. From intense rivalries and highly anticipated rematches to star players going head-to-head with their former teams, this season is shaping up to be exceptionally thrilling.

In this article, we highlight 10 standout games on the schedule that are sure to have fans glued to their screens.

October 24: Nuggets vs. Lakers

The season opener is naturally a marquee event, and this year it is especially notable as the Nuggets will receive their championship rings with 38-year-old LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers observing with a mix of envy and motivation. Denver will begin its title defense while the Lakers will look to get revenge on the team that knocked them out of last year’s playoffs.

October 24: Warriors vs. Suns

Opening night of the NBA season is set to tip off with two games that are not to be missed. Although one features the reigning champions (listed above), it’s the clash between the Warriors and the Suns that might steal the spotlight.

The Suns are set to unveil their formidable new ‘Big Three’ — Devin Booker, Kevin Durant, and recent acquisition Bradley Beal. On the other side, the Warriors have bolstered their roster with the addition of veteran point guard Chris Paul. Adding a layer of drama to this marquee matchup, Paul will be facing off against his former team right out of the gate.

October 25: Spurs vs. Mavericks

The Victor Wembanyama era in San Antonio will begin with “appointment television” status, as the Spurs face off against in-state rivals Dallas Mavericks.

This game will not only feature a Texas showdown but also highlights a clash between the young phenom Wembanyama and established superstars like Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving.

October 26: Lakers vs. Suns

For nearly five years, basketball fans have been eagerly waiting for another epic showdown between NBA legends Kevin Durant and LeBron James. Now, with both superstars in the Western Conference, these faceoffs will become a more frequent occurrence (health permitting). Nevertheless, their early-season duel during the first week of the regular season is set to be a blockbuster clash.

October 27: Celtics vs. Heat

The NBA schedule makers certainly came out swinging, crafting a first week of the regular season that is brimming with must-watch matchups and compelling storylines. Among these, the October 27 clash between the Celtics and the Heat stands out as a can’t-miss event.

This game is a rematch of the Eastern Conference Finals from the last two seasons, adding a layer of intense rivalry and history to an already highly-anticipated early-season showdown.

November 3: In-Season Tournament Starts

The NBA In-Season Tournament has sharply divided opinions. While some view it as a cool addition to the NBA calendar, others are more skeptical, with a vocal contingent ready to express their dissent.

Regardless of where one stands on this debate, it will be fascinating to watch how this tournament unfolds. How will teams navigate this novel element in their season, especially given that these games carry weight on their regular season records?

November 11: Thunder vs. Spurs

In this matchup, the future of the NBA could very well be on display, a big reason why TNT has selected this game as a featured contest for its broadcast schedule. The showdown between Chet Holmgren and the 7-5 phenomenon Wembanyama, is set to be one of the season’s most captivating face-offs. Let’s just hope that both of these guys can stay healthy to see the court against each other once this date rolls around.

December 25: Lakers vs. Celtics

NBA executives likely envisioned this matchup as a dream scenario for the finals, one that would have undoubtedly sent ratings soaring. However, the Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets had their own narratives to write.

Now, this marquee duel between the Lakers and Celtics finds its stage on Christmas Day, traditionally one of the most celebrated days in the NBA calendar. Both teams are legitimate contenders this season, and it doesn’t hurt that this is one of the most storied rivalries in professional basketball.

January 25: Kings vs. Warriors

Set squarely in the midst of what the NBA has dubbed “Rivalry Week,” this matchup between the Warriors and Kings captures the essence of a true rivalry. The close geographical proximity of these teams adds fuel to the fire, but there’s more at stake.

Golden State, with its storied history and championship rings, represents the established elite, while Sacramento plays the eager underdog, yearning for its own moment in the spotlight. Last year’s playoff series between these two teams was a memorable showdown, and now, in front of a home crowd, the Kings are seeking both revenge and an opportunity to shake off their ‘little brother’ label.

February 6: Nets vs. Mavericks

The Mavericks will host the Nets in the first week of the season with that matchup set for October 27. However, this matchup in Brooklyn is of particular intrigue, as Kyrie Irving will return to the Barclays Center after demanding a trade and further explaining that he was ‘disrespected’ by the Nets.

February 29: Nuggets vs. Heat

Scheduled for after the All-Star break, it’s hard to speculate the state of both teams at this point in the season. Still, both sides are expected to be true contenders in 2023-24, and this will be a game circled on the calendars of both locker rooms — especially the Heat, who are seeking revenge after losing to the Nuggets in last year’s NBA Finals.