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Vikings QB Kirk Cousins: Fantasy football draft profile for 2023 NFL season

We break down the outlook for Minnesota QB Kirk Cousins heading into the 2023 NFL season.

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Kirk Cousins marked a decade in the NFL last season with an NFC North title, a historic comeback, and a Wild Card loss. With star wide receiver Justin Jefferson at his disposal and no true contenders for a QB battle, Cousins is in an enviable position in Minnesota. Let’s take a look at his fantasy outlook for the upcoming season.

2023 Fantasy Football: Kirk Cousins Profile

Recap of 2022 season

In 2022, Cousins had some ups and downs. Oft criticized for his inability to perform in the spotlight, he led the Vikings to one of the biggest comebacks in NFL history against the Colts and finished in the top 10 in fantasy points among NFL quarterbacks. The Vikings made the playoffs but lost in the Wild Card round. Cousins passed for over 4,800 yards and 31 touchdowns along with 14 interceptions in the regular season and postseason.

Updated Vikings outlook

The Vikings return their unbeatable weapon in Jefferson, every quarterback’s dream wide receiver. They supplemented Jefferson’s talents by picking up wide receiver Jordan Addison in the draft, and grabbed tight end TJ Hockenson midseason last year, giving Cousins plenty of options in the receiving corps. While he’s getting on the older side — Cousins will turn 35 before the start of the season — he hasn’t given any indication that his reliability is slipping.

Best-case scenario

Cousins is a very, very good quarterback. He may not be the type of star we see these days in Patrick Mahomes and Joe Burrow-types, but he has tools at his disposal of which any team would be envious. With Addison, Jefferson, and Hockenson as targets, Cousins could lead the Vikings deep into the playoffs.

However, this best-case scenario also includes the Vikings' offense not choking in big games, as we saw them do several times last season. If Cousins can tap into his maturity and experience and utilize the young receivers well, the Vikings have a high ceiling.

Worst-case scenario

Cousins’ worst-case scenario is his age starting to show. Whether that looks like him slowing down on the field, or sustaining a rare injury (Cousins has had a shockingly injury-free career), his nightmare scenario is failing to be consistent and reliable. Those may not be particularly exciting adjectives, but they are accurate and a relief to find in a QB.


Cousins has a fairly easy path to another NFC North title. The Bears continue to struggle, the Packers are searching for a post-Rodgers identity, and the Lions, their biggest threat this season, are still in the up-and-coming developmental phase. Cousins should have another top-10 finish in fantasy points among league QBs this season and doesn’t have a high injury risk or any risk of being benched.