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Who is the Cowboys’ starting and backup quarterbacks for fantasy football in 2023?

We take a look at the quarterback situation for the Dallas Cowboys in 2023 as you prepare for fantasy drafts.

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

In 2022, the Dallas Cowboys delivered their second consecutive 12-win season. And unlike the year prior, they didn’t fall apart in the wild-card round. This represented a positive and important step for the franchise. Even so, the Cowboys saw their season end the same way as it did in 2021: a loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

The defeat push head coach Mike McCarthy to make some changes. The biggest involved offensive coordinator Kellen Moore with whom the Cowboys parted ways after five years on the coaching staff and three more as a backup quarterback. With Moore gone, McCarthy assumed play-calling duties with the hope of reducing friction and mistakes for Dallas’ franchise quarterback.

Cowboys starting quarterback: Dak Prescott

Though Prescott didn’t perform poorly in 2022 by any means, he did throw more interceptions than in any of his seven seasons despite missing five games with a thumb fracture. Understandably, that injury played a role in his ball security last season and shouldn’t impact him moving forward. Even so, McCarthy believed installing himself as the play-caller would further help Prescott avoid mistakes.

The wisdom of that move remains unclear. While McCarthy has called some of the best offenses in NFL history — only three teams in NFL history have scored more points than his 2011 Green Bay Packers squad — he seemed to have lost his strategic edge near the end of his last run as the play-caller. Prescott will also have to adjust to a different offensive system as McCarthy’s roots in the West Coast offense vary from that of Moore.

Who is Dak Prescott’s backup on the Cowboys’ QB depth chart?

Cooper Rush will again back up Prescott in Dallas. While Rush had a fairly nondescript pro career prior to 2022, he played more than admirably while filling in for the injured Prescott early in the season. Rush has a defined ceiling as a passer, but the Cowboys would do fine with him under center for a game or two.