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Kevin Brown to return to Orioles booth Friday, praises ‘wonderful relationship’ with team

After days of speculation ad outrage directed at Orioles ownership for their reported suspension of the team’s play-by-play man, Brown finally broke his silence on Twitter to announce that he’ll be back to call his first O’s game since late last month.

MLB: JUL 30 Yankees at Orioles Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Well, it only took several days of bad PR, public criticism from every other broadcaster in the Majors and even getting jeered in their own ballpark, but eventually Baltimore Orioles ownership made things right: Play-by-play man Kevin Brown, who became a cause celebre around the sport after reports surfaced that he’d been suspended by the team over innocuous comments made during a pregame segment last month, is set to return to the O’s booth to call Friday night’s game against the Seattle Mariners.

Brown, who last appeared on a MASN television broadcast on July 26, took to Twitter with the news, thanking everyone for the support while claiming that “recent media reports have mischaracterized” his relationship with the team. “I have a wonderful relationship with the organization, and our ownership and front office has fully supported me since 2019 when I first came aboard,” Brown wrote. “I ask that everyone disregard the distracting noise of the past few days. I have worked closely with O’s SVP Greg Bader for the past four years, and John Angelos and I have a solid dialogue based on mutual respect. We are all good here in Birdland!”

You can view the full thread here:

If you haven’t been following the twists and turns here, a brief recap: At the start of August, corners of the Baltimore sports internet began rumbling about Brown’s unusually extended absence from the team’s TV broadcasts — after calling the team’s series against the Phillies that ended on July 26, he hadn’t been seen or heard, certainly unusual in the middle of the season without an announcement from the team.

Before too long, rumors started surfacing that Brown had actually been suspended. The reason? Comments he made prior to a game against the Rays in Tampa, when he noted that the AL-leading O’s had already won more games at Tropicana Field in 2023 than in the past several years combined. If that sounds like an innocuous compliment, well, you’d be right — but it apparently didn’t read that way to the team’s owners, the Angelos family.

Those rumors gathered more and more steam until, last week, a report from Awful Announcing took things viral. Everybody from every corner of the baseball world — but especially fellow broadcasters — took the O’s to task, even mocking them in middle of games. Things got so bad that the team’s own fans started a “Free Kevin Brown” chant at Camden Yards.

Through all that, Baltimore refused to comment, eventually offering a terse statement saying that they didn’t comment on personal matters but that Brown would be back soon. Now, after more than two weeks away, he’s finally returning — and it’s clear the Angelos family thinks that a series of fawning messages from Brown (and great play on the field) will make this whole thing blow over. Only time will tell, but it doesn’t seem like a coincidence that his Twitter thread has the same energy as a hostage video. Blink twice if you’re okay, Kevin.