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World Cup 2023 knockout round qualification scenarios for every group

Here’s all the knockout qualification scenarios as group play heads into the final matches at the World Cup.

USA v Netherlands: Group E - FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023
Julie Ertz of USA following the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023 Group E match between USA and Netherlands at Wellington Regional Stadium on July 27, 2023 in Wellington, New Zealand.
Photo by Joe Prior/Visionhaus via Getty Images

As the 2023 women’s World Cup heads into the final matchday for each group, here’s a look at how the overall competition is shaping up and what teams need in order to progress to the knockout stage.

Group A

Qualified: Switzerland, Norway
Eliminated: New Zealand, Philippines

Update: Switzerland tops the group with a draw against New Zealand. Norway woke up from a slump with six goals to defeat Philippines and make the round of 16.

It’s chaos in Group A. Switzerland has the easiest path, advancing with a win or draw over New Zealand. Philippines need a win over Norway to qualify, while New Zealand need a win over Switzerland. Norway need a win over Philippines and a Switzerland win over New Zealand as the easiest path for qualification. There are plenty of additional scenarios involving tiebreakers which are detailed here.

Group B

Qualified: Australia, Nigeria
Eliminated: Ireland, Canada

Update: Australia got a big win over Canada, while Nigeria secured second place in the group after a draw with Ireland.

Nigeria and Canada have the easiest path to qualify, with both needing a win or draw to get in. Australia has to defeat Canada to qualify.

Group C

Qualified: Spain, Japan
Eliminated: Costa Rica, Zambia

Update: Japan has topped the group after a 4-0 win over Spain.

The only question here is who ends up topping the group between Spain and Japan.

Group D

Qualified: England, Denmark
Eliminated: China, Haiti

Update: England and Denmark took care of business to advance to the round of 16, with England finishing at the top of the group.

Technically everyone is in, but England and Haiti are teetering on the opposite sides of the spectrum here. The Lionesses can get in with a win or draw for sure, but even a loss won’t completely sink them. Denmark and China need wins to qualify for sure, but can get in with a draw depending on other results. Haiti has to run up the score and hope for other results to sneak in.

Group E

Qualified: Netherlands, USA
Eliminated: Vietnam, Portugal

Update: Netherlands win the group, while the Americans have to settle for second place after a 0-0 draw.

USA and Netherlands can advance with a win or draw. Portugal needs to beat the United States to advance. USA and Netherlands also have scenarios where they get in with a loss.

Group F

Qualified: France, Jamaica
Eliminated: Brazil, Panama

Update: France advances with a win, securing the top spot in the group. Jamaica held on for a draw against Brazil, securing the Caribbean side’s spot in the round of 16 as the group runner-up.

The winner of the Jamaica-Brazil game will be in. France can advance with a win over Panama. France and Jamaica would also be in strong positions with draws.

Group G

Qualified: Sweden, South Africa
Eliminated: Argentina, Italy

Update: Sweden and South Africa both got wins, which puts them in the round of 16. Sweden wins the group, while South Africa is the runner-up.

Italy will qualify with a win over South Africa. Argentina needs a win over Sweden and some help on tiebreakers if Italy-South Africa ends in a draw or South Africa gets the win.

Group H

Qualified: Colombia, Morocco
Eliminated: Germany, South Korea

Update: Morocco got a win over Colombia, while Germany only managed a draw with South Korea to send Morocco and Colombia into the round of 16.

Colombia defeated Germany and it at the top of the group with six points. Germany and Morocco have three points each, while South Korea has been eliminated. Colombia can make the knockout round with a win or draw. A loss could also send Colombia through if they have winning tiebreakers. Germany need a win to get in as well, though a draw could see them through if Colombia get a win over Morocco.