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Is Jaylen Brown actually UNDERPAID and UNDERVALUED?

Amin Elhassan and Charlotte Wilder discuss the Celtics star’s massive supermax extension and the discussion surrounding it.

Jaylen Brown this week signed the largest contract in NBA history, a five-year supermax extension worth $304 million and Amin Elhassan and Charlotte Wilder took to Oddball with their thoughts.

Charlotte, noted Boston fan, is sufficiently hyped, with her Jaylen Brown Zoom background (no, Amin, it’s not Batman appreciation day) and notes she hasn’t been able to stop smiling. But Amin has to rain on her parade a bit, noting that this is one of his pet peeves. He says it’s all paint-by-numbers and that there is no such thing as the greatest contract in NBA history. Because of the NBA’s maximum salaries and the fact that those salaries are calculated as a percentage of the salary cap, we can say unequivocally that the next guy to sign a max deal will have the biggest contract in NBA history. So enjoy the title while you have it, Jaylen.

Amin argues that these players are actually being UNDERPAID and UNDERVALUED from what they are actually contributing on the court. Lucy says she agrees with Amin because inflation is involved and things go up, so it’s something of a mind trick for fans when they say “Look how much we’re paying him” when in reality that is just how money works. Amin also points out that people marveling at how much the max player is getting paid never stop to think how much the guy paying the player is making. Amin points out that as fans mourn the working man in light of this deal, he GUARANTEES that Celtics owners Steve Pagliuca and Wyc Grousbeck are making way more.

Charlotte says Jaylen is worth the money, as when he and Jayson Tatum are on the court together and things are good it’s magical. The segment closes with Amin serenading Charlotte about the heady days of December 2022 for Celtics fans and somehow that feels oh so right.

Meanwhile, Amin also had something he needed to get off his chest ...


Jaylen Brown Gets PAID ft. Mo Dakhil

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