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How tyre usage is changing for F1 qualifying at the Hungarian Grand Prix

F1 qualifying will see a change this weekend with the implementation of a new tyre rule.

Team members of the McLaren team check their tyres at the Hungaroring in Budapest on July 20, 2023,in Mogyorod near Budapest ahead of the Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix. Photo by ATTILA KISBENEDEK/AFP via Getty Images

Formula 1 is introducing a new rule for the 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix that will impact tyre usage during qualifying. The change, called “Alternative Tyre Allocation”, is meant to reduce the number of tires used during a Grand Prix weekend in a modest attempt at environmental sustainability.

During qualifying, if conditions are dry, the teams will be limited to a specific set of tyres for each of the three rounds. Teams will be required to use the hard compound during Q1, the medium compound during Q2, and the soft compound during Q3. If race officials declare track conditions to be wet, the restrictions will be removed.

The change will reduce the number of dry tyre sets available to each car from 13 to 11. That could theoretically reduce tyre usage over the course of the season by nearly 3,700. There’s still a sizable environmental impact from F1 racing, but that’s a step in the right direction.